My Young Pigeon Friend

Hello Again,

Went under the bridge and almost caught a pigeon, but a car went through just as I pounced and frightened them all away.

Poppy saw a tiny dog on the other side of the road and went into meltdown as usual.  Nanny took her back home, just to stop the barking, then, because I wouldn’t go in, took me back under the bridge.  I stalked three pigeons the end of the bridge, but they flew away when I got nearer (about ten minutes after I saw them).

Then, as I was chasing feathers, I saw a very young pigeon fly down.  It went on the pavement near one of the steels holding up the bridge, so I crept up to one of the steels and jumped round, but it was gone!  I looked round all the corners of the steel, then saw it further down the road.  Not sure how it got there, but it was still game to play so I crept along, getting very near, but I think it’s friends had been giving it advice and telling it about my reputation as a stalker because it flew away before I got too close.

The next day we went under the bridge again.  Sure enough, my young pigeon was at the other end.  It was walking around but an older pigeon came down and started walking in its way, bobbing its head up and down.  Every time the young pigeon took a step, the older one walked in its way, bobbing away.  Eventually the younger one flew up to get away, but that evening it was on the steel above the pavement with the same older pigeon bobbing away in front of it.  Don’t know what’s going on, but if the older one wants to be friends, it should learn that not stepping in front of the younger one allllllll the time would help its cause!  No female would like a male bobbing around under its feet…

See you soon…

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