What My Dream Study Would Be

Hello Adventurers! 

I am going to continue the series of my dream home, the rooms that it consists of and what are in each of the rooms.  Today, I will be talking about my dream study.  I would love to have my own that I can do my work.  I am used to having to do practically everything in my bedroom, so it will be nice to be able to spread my things and work out, and have plenty of space to do so and storage to put things.

When you walk in there will be a wall filled with business and work related books.  Another wall with a big window in it, with two desks either side, I love the idea of being able to watch either the wildlife in my garden or watching the busy world go by or the seasons changing as I write.  One of these desks will be for me and the other will be for my Mum, I cannot wait to be able to do work side-by-side with my Mum as I have wanted this from a very young age.  There will also be an en-suite toilet in there as I know that when I am working away, I tend to work until I am really desperate and won’t leave until I cannot hold it any longer.  Then of course, there will be some storage towers on the final wall, with a CD player above them so that we can either listen to the radio or our favourite CD’s.  Between the storage towers there will be table, with a kettle, a selection of tea, herbal tea, coffee, decaf coffee, hot chocolate along with big and small bottles of water.  There will also be a small fridge for milk and a selection of mugs and glasses for us to drink from. 

The desks will consist of All-In-One desk computers, keyboards, computer-mice, headphones.  There will be chest of drawers next to each of the desks for things you need but not all the time, i.e. post-it notes, pens, life planner desk pads and other fun stationery.  I will also have blackboards for both of us to make notes and to write down what we want to get done that day.  My desk will be quite big and will actually end where the wall meets another and there I will have another All-In-One desk computer, with everything that I said before, however this computer will be for editing only.  This will be in a darker section of the room so that there is no light bouncing off the screen. 

There will also be motivational and some of our favourite artworks all along the walls.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, I love writing about my plans for the future and cannot wait until I get there.  Let me know what your dream study would be like and consist of in the comment below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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