What My Dream Bedroom Would Be

Hello Adventurers! 

You guys really seemed to like my ‘What My Dream House Would Be’, link here, so here is a continuation of that.  Today, I would tell you what my dream bedroom would look like and consist of.  When I get my house I will take pictures and show you what it looks like in reality. 

As you walk up the hallway to my room you will see a bright light blue door, this will be the door to my bedroom.  The room will have white walls, with posters of pictures from my Pinterest account on one wall and my harry potter wand collection on another.  There will also be a coat stand where I can place my coat and strips of lights all along the skirting board so that I will not get scared if I need to get up during the night.  The ceiling will also either be painted to look like night sky, or will be painted black and have white string lights glued to the top of it. 

A white queen size bed and/or a round bed (I like my room when I sleep!), if I can get both in one I will be a very happy bunny.  The bed will have white bed sheets, with a string of star fairy lights on the headboard.  There will also be a lamp post like the one from Narnia next to my bed.  I will have blue antique chest of drawers on both sides of my bed to rest my book, a side (Pixar) light on both sides, a light up alarm clock and two litre bottle of water.  The drawers will hold my eye mask, medicine and some biscuits if I need to have any medicine during the night. 

I will have a walk in wardrobe with three sections – home, workout, filming outfits.  There will be loads of draws for my socks, jewellery, scarfs and general accessories.  A dressing table for me to do my hair and a floor length mirror. There would be also be panel screen for me to change behind and a clothing rack where I will hang up my clothes for the following day.  The door to my walk in wardrobe will look like the TARDIS. 

I will also have a small shower room en – suite, the walls will be white tiled with different shades of blue mosaic effect.  There will be coat holder, where I will place my dressing gown, and white wicker baskets, where I will put my toiletries.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post, it really does me good to plan all these things because then, when they do happen (hopefully sooner rather than later), I can just get on with it!  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Please, if you think you know someone who will enjoy this post, share it with them. 


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you! 

See you next time…

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