Visiting Grandpa!

Hi, me again,

This week it was really exciting.  Mummy and Nanny go off on Saturdays about mid-morning (which means we get two walks in the morning), then come back when it’s dark.  I’ve always wondered where they go and this week I found out!

Poppy was going off with Jean Nana to somewhere called ‘Manda’s house’.  Mummy and Nanny were just leaving to go wherever they go and they decided to take me with them.  I was so excited.

We went in the car for a long drive and turned into a block of flats.  We got out of the car and buzzed the door and Mummy’s daddy came down.  I like Mac – he’s funny.  Of course I have to bark when he comes round Jean Nana’s because it’s what I’m supposed to do, but then he lets me sit on his lap and fusses me – so we’re all good.

We went up the stairs and into a room where there was the most enormous television you could find.  We stayed there for hours, talking and watching television.  Nanny took me outside to a little courtyard where there was grass for me to pee on, then we went back up for more television and talking.

Later we went to a place called a restaurant, and we sat outside and they ate.  I didn’t want what the restaurant brought out but, when we then went home, I ate foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Poppy wasn’t back so we had a walk then went upstairs.  Poppy came back just after and, boy, was she pleased to see me.  She’d been over to see Rolo and Riley but didn’t go to a restaurant or a grass courtyard so, not wanting to boast, I kept all my adventure to myself, just winked at Mummy now and again.

Got to go, sleep calls…

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