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Today I am giving you my short, sharp, sweet, review for the film Venom, staring Tom Hardy. Don’t forget to check out my video below!  

This film was rare for me as I hadn’t seen the trailer for the film, which was unusual as I do keep an eye out for new films and I know whether I’m going to watch it or not, so I went into this one blind.  I was ill in February, having two heavy colds back to back, so I watched the film every day for about two weeks.  I could also watch it for another two weeks without getting bored. 

I believe I did know that Tom Hardy was in it and I absolutely love that man as an actor and as a person.  The other actors in the film who played their parts equally as fantastically were Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed – they did brilliantly. 

I didn’t know much about this character.  I know about the other Marvel characters but this one I didn’t know much about, except that they had touched on it in, I believe, Spider Man 3, where Toby Maguire played Spider Man.  Other than that I didn’t know anything and it was nice to watch something I didn’t know about for a change.

The first time I watched the film I thought it had quite a slow start, but, looking back, I think that was needed in terms of building up what was going on and explaining some things that had happened previously that we didn’t see in the film. 

Now I’m going on to mention something that sounds really stupid, but I did feel that the film was, fairly, realistic…  When Tom Hardy’s character came into contact with Venom, he freaked out.  He questioned everything and clearly didn’t understand anything that was going on.  When he was being chased by bad guys he was like ‘what the heck is going on(!)’ and that’s how I would expect a normal person to react, whereas in a lot of films they just sort of say ‘let’s go with this, I’ve got these powers now, let’s do this’.  And I always think that maybe you would have to process the fact that you don’t know where the powers came from and how you’ve got them.  Maybe that’s something you should be doing as opposed to just immediately fighting the bad guys.

The realism of it actually makes the film hilarious.  Tom Hardy not knowing what is going on is hilarious.  The general film and dialogue is really funny, there are great car chases and there are awesome fight scenes and the way that Tom Hardy fights without knowing, well obviously he knows because he’s an actor, but without seeing or knowing what is happening exactly, I mean his arms will just go up in the air and he has to fight Venom to bring his arms down and then they go back up and it is really, really funny how that all just works out.

Following on from that, the special effects in this film are amazing.  How they create them, and how they do them I don’t understand but they are absolutely awesome. 

And that is it, as promised, short and sweet!

I hope you enjoyed this quick film review.

Don’t forget to check out below where you will find a link to buying Venom on DVD, on Amazon. 

If you have watched this film or when you watch it don’t forget to let me know what you thought in the comments.  Also, let me know about any films you think I would enjoy watching.

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