April Monthly Favourites 2019

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am going through my monthly favourites for April to remind me of what’s been so good about the month.  Check out all the links to everything I talk about at the end of this blog post.  Also, don’t forget to check out my video below!

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Paperchase Bullet Journal Haul

Hello Adventurers!

As I said in ‘My Goals 2019’ (blog post, link here, and video, link here), I want to start a bullet journal.  I have seen the idea behind it advertised on Pinterest (my account, link here), and thought that it looked like a really good idea for a place to store all of the information that I need to live by.  I also hope that this will keep me focussed and also provide me with some relaxation as well!  I wasn’t actually going to do a haul for this and just go ahead and create the bullet journal and show that to you guys, however, doing research on what I wanted to put in my bullet journal, I saw that people had used washi tape to style theirs.  I said to my Mum that I didn’t know where to go to get it but in the end we decided to go to Paperchase as they sell really nice stationery and other items that would properly bring my bullet journal to life!  I already have colourful pens and things so all I needed to buy was the washi tape.  So I went to Paperchase, and today I am going talk through the items that I bought with you and why. Don’t forget to check out my video below!

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My Goals 2019

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am going to review my 2018 goals and take a look at new goals (if any) I have decided to try and achieve this year.  Last year, around the end of summer, I set out to apply the SMART method to see if that made a difference to achieving my goals link here for my video where I explain what the SMART method for goal achieving is, in case you are interested in trying it. 

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Studio Transformation: Part 1

Hello Adventurers!

As you know I have a set place (my studio) that I do all of my filming , store the majority of my belongings, including my clothes, and a place of my own to chill out at my Nana’s house.  Over the last couple of months it has gotten into a disgustingly bad mess and I wanted to spend some time over the Christmas period improving the state of it.  Here’s how I got on.


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What I Got For Christmas 2018

Hello Adventurers!

How was your Christmases everyone?  I really hope that you all had a great time and I thought that today I would list what I was lucky enough to get this year.  As we are so short of space, all of my presents from my parents were either useful or business related so I don’t have to put anything straight into storage which I find heart-breaking every year so thank you Mum and Dad.  Let’s-a-go! 

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John Lewis Halloween Haul

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am going to tell you about the items that I bought for Halloween from John Lewis.  We took an unexpected trip to see John Lewis and headed for the Halloween section.  I was very surprised to see how small the Halloween section for John Lewis was, as it was quite a big shop that I went to.  I would actually be interested to know if smaller John Lewis’ have the same selection.  I actually wasn’t intending on buying anything on this ‘quick’ look around, but some of their selection was so unique and my kind of Halloween, that I couldn’t pass it up!  I ended up spending £100 on this haul, however, I do feel that all of the items I bought will last me an incredibly long time (so long as I look after them properly) as they are great quality!  I also saw that they had loads of things in the way of Christmas and cannot wait to explore that in the next couple of months.
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Buying for Newest Arrival and Sibling

Hello Adventurers!

On Monday I went out with my Mum, Nana, cousin, her partner and her new baby boy.  We went out to have some lunch at Bella Italia (which is a great place for Gluten Free options by the way!) and we also went to some shops as we wanted to buy something for the new born that my cousin needed/wanted for him.  We also wanted to get something for my goddaughter as we didn’t want her to feel left out. Continue reading “Buying for Newest Arrival and Sibling”