My Style (take it or leave it…) – 18-06-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was Father’s Day weekend so I started off my Saturday going to my local shopping centre and picking up my Dad’s present.  I got him slippers this year as, as I have said before in my vlogs, link here, I think that men can be really difficult to buy for, so I decided to get him slippers as his were a bit battered and he didn’t actually tell me that he wanted anything (like he always does).  My chest was also really bad this weekend so my Mum hired me a mobility scooter as I find even walking a struggle.  I found this really hard to begin with as my anxiety was getting the better of me, but my Mum told me to not care about other people’s reactions and that is what I tried to do.  We went to the Disney Store, where can I just say, they have an amazing cooking section now, and then we went to Clintons as I needed to buy a card for my Dad (as I had left the one I had bought at home) and I also bought my goddaughter a money box as that is what I had promised to get her for her birthday.  We then met my Dad for breakfast and had a good catch-up about the past week.  After breakfast Krisp, a women’s clothing shop, was having a sale where everything was a fiver, so I bought about ten items… not good I know but I am a girl who needs new clothes all the time, which is just female policy. Right?  Help me out here girls, hahaha. Continue reading “My Style (take it or leave it…) – 18-06-2018”