How I Cope with Nausea, Sickness and Travel Sickness

Hello Adventurers!

I have suffered with nausea since I was thirteen, and possibly younger than that!  It is a very crippling thing for me as when I feel sick I feel like I can’t do anything but at the same time I have to sometimes because other people depend on me and things would never get done.  But, when I don’t have anyone depending on me or anything desperately needing to be finished, I have to find another way of coping with it.

It had kicked up a notch recently, and I was just fed up of it to be honest with you.  So me and my mum went on a mission to fix this, and have finally come up with some solutions:

Gluten Free Plain American Pancakes 07

Gluten Free Plain American Pancakes

Hello Adventurers!

I have seen a lot of people making these pancakes on YouTube.  They are Jamie Oliver’s pancakes called ‘Pancakes USA stylie’.  So, I have changed the recipe slightly and added some sugar in them to make a sweet version and gluten free version in one!  Here it is:

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