Gluten Free Simple Chocolate Cupcakes

Hello Adventurers!

Chocolate, you have just got to love it.  I probably love it way too much (I found this out after I named my dog after my favourite chocolate – Magic Stars!) and that love will probably never die, which is just fine by me!  These are some simple chocolate cupcakes, lets-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Simple Chocolate Cupcakes”

Gluten Free and Yeast Free Bread

Hello Adventurers!

I was scrolling through Instagram a couple of weeks ago and watched a video for a ‘Sheet Pan Breakfast Sandwich’, (link under inspiration) where they did what they said on the tin.  They used a pancake batter to make the ‘bread’ and filled it with a sausage and eggs layer.  This made me think… if I applied the same principle for making bread i.e. instead of using pancake mix, I could use Gluten Free self raising flour, this could work. Continue reading “Gluten Free and Yeast Free Bread”

Nutella Buttercream

Hello Adventurers!

I have been doing a lot of watching Rosanna Pansino, link here, and I seen how she uses buttercream for a lot of her cakes. I haven’t so far really done anything with buttercream or icing as I have wanted to get a load of ‘basic’ cake recipes down before moving on to how to decorate them. The other thing is that I don’t really like too much buttercream on a cupcake or cake and whenever I have bought a cupcake, it just seems to be smothered in it, so I have decided to make my own recipe and I can then add as little or as much sweetness as I want to them. Lets-a-go! Continue reading “Nutella Buttercream”

Gluten Free Tanya Burr Lemon Cookies

Hello Adventurers!

Since the weather has been so nice, I have become obsessed with the tastes and smells of lemon and lime.  I even bought a citrus perfume from Next at the weekend!  I am a huge fan of lemon in my cooking and cannot wait to experiment with lime as well, but to start off, here are my is my recipe for Gluten Free Tanya Burr Lemon Cookies.  Let’s-a-go!

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Gluten Free and Yeast Free Chocolate Ring Doughnuts

Hello Adventurers!

The last three blog posts have been building up to how to make a Gluten Free and Yeast Free Pizza!  Since they have all been ‘cooking’ blog posts, I thought that today and next week I would do some ‘baking’ blog posts, so lets-a-go!

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Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Heart Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Hello Adventurers!

When I tried what I wanted to do with this blog post, it didn’t work, so I went with the best second option!  Here are some simple Gluten Free Heart Vanilla Sugar Cookies! Continue reading “Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Heart Vanilla Sugar Cookies”

Gluten Free Apple Pie

Hello Adventurers!

As I said to you last week I wanted to make a lot more pies, you know because I don’t need to lose weight or anything hahaha!  So, I thought that I would start with a scrummy, yet simple,Gluten Free Apple Pie.  Let’s get going!

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