Some Like It Hot (1959) Review

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This film is laugh out loud funny!  Comedies are one of my favourite genre of films and that I why I love watching them.  This film was one of those classics that stands the test of time.  It was given to me on my birthday recently and we watched it while in Spain as it was too hot to be outside over the lunchtime period.  This film has made me realise that even though classics can be completely different to modern day films, they are just as funny and they don’t need complicated story lines to be great.

The film was produced and directed by Billy Wilder in 1959, with the story by Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan, and the screenplay by I A L Diamond.  It stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, being the first film I’ve seen any of these huge actors in.  After seeing this film, I really want to check out more work of everyone who is involved in this film and this film has had a huge impact on my heart.

The film was shot in black and white (which was not what I was expecting) because, I’ve read doing research for this film, although Marilyn Monroe’s contract stated it had to be made in colour, when she saw the results of the make up on Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, she agreed it should be in black and white!  The two main male characters in this film, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, have to dress as women and I was very surprised and interested to hear that the Motion Picture Production Code did not give approval to the film because the stars dressed as women which was considered too controversial at the time!  

I do feel that this is a film that you will have to concentrate on but it is hilarious, so I think it is totally worth it as it is a major classic and now I understand why.  This film is long at 121 minutes, which also surprised me a lot, but held my attention the whole time.


Let me know what you think of this film if you have, or are going to watch it, in the comments below!  Also, if you were looking to buy this film check out my shop for an easy link to do so!


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