Poor Lady!

Me Again,

Mummy and me and Poppy and Nanny went for a walk this evening as usual.  It was a usual type of day, with the usual saunter over to the field, then we set off for the usual walk under the bridge to chase pigeons.

We weren’t rushing to the bridge because there was a lady with a puppy greyhound ahead of us.  We all knew that if we walked too quickly, Poppy would hightail it back to the house and I know Mummy and Nanny want us to have a good walk because we have to stay in the house for the rest of the day.

Suddenly Nanny stopped and tried to give Poppy’s lead to Mummy.  She was looking ahead at the puppy and I saw the lady hanging over the puppy and it was obvious something was wrong.

Mummy said, “I’ll go!” and handed my lead to Nanny.

Nanny let Mummy go because Mummy is much faster than Nanny but she knew Poppy couldn’t go so one of them had to stay back.

Mummy ran down and put her arms round the puppy, who had obviously got spooked and was ready to run.  After a five minute fumbling exercise, Mummy came back and said she was going to walk with the lady and puppy back to where they lived, then come back.

We waited until they were further up the road, then Nanny took Poppy and me to the bridge.  I chased feathers and pigeons, while Poppy scouted round for unusual smells, until Mummy came back.

She told us that the puppy had been spooked by a train going over the bridge and her collar had slipped off!  Right off her neck!  The lady had tried to grab her but couldn’t get the collar back on because she had cut her hand and the dog was so frightened and fidgeting.  The cars coming under the bridge on the other side didn’t slow down and she was fighting to keep her puppy safe – very scary!

Mummy had helped the lady get the collar back on, while the lady held the puppy and then decided to walk back to the lady’s house (which was in the houses the other side of the bridge, but not too far – not like Timbucktoo or anything).

Nanny was so proud of Mummy, but I did get the feeling that she had wanted to be the hero!  But she knew Mummy was the right person to go at the time because she’s quicker and, besides, she took me and Poppy to the bridge so she’s my hero.

Am off to let her fuss me as a consolation!

See you next time…

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