My Style (take it or leave it…) – 18-03-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend we met my Dad for breakfast as usual and caught up on the week’s events, including some very important news regarding the pair who have put my Mum and I in the position of relying on my Nana for a roof over our heads.  Having dissected all the angles and possibilities which this news could mean, we went off to ASDA to do the weekly shop. This meant I would have more time to film on Sunday.

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Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Yeast Free Key Lime Pies (Mini Delights Collection: Mini Pies – Cookbook Recipe)

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am making Key Lime Pies for St Patrick’s Day from the book Mini Delights (Mini Pies) Cookbook, though of course gluten, yeast and lactose free so I will be changing some things along the way.  I honestly didn’t know what to post to celebrate this day, but then I came across these beauties and thought, hey green, let’s do this, hahaha. Don’t forget to check out my video below!

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My Style (take it or leave it…) – 11-03-2019

Hello Adventurers!

I’ve decided that I don’t really have a ‘usual’ weekend any more as this weekend started off with me staying at my Dad’s on Friday night.  Dad came to the usual dinner that me, my Mum, my Uncle and my Nana have every Friday and then I went home with him after that.  We watched two films in the end, one called ‘The Bank Job’ and another called, ‘The Last Stand’.  Dad fell asleep during the second film, so I went to bed leaving him on the sofa.

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My Coats and Jackets

Hello Adventurers!

Today I’m showing you my coats and jackets.  It was fairly surprising to me that I have four of them – much like my hoodies blog post, link here, and video link here – all different in colours and styles!  Most of them are also great for all kinds of weather as well which is excellent!  I have different reasons and purposes for each which is what I will go through with you now.  Don’t forget to check out the video that goes with this blog post either below or link here.

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Gluten, Lactose and Yeast Free Apple Crumble

Hello Adventurers!

Now I am not going to lie to you, I kinda had to improvise this blog post this week…  I was supposed to be posting the finished recipe to this video, link here, but everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and I just ran out of time to try it again.  I was really angry with myself, but I am putting pride aside to upload it as a ‘#fail’ and upload this instead.

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Gluten Free Crepes with Roasted Strawberries

Hello Adventurers!

Now, I know that the normal routine would be for me to put up a ‘style’ blog post today, but since tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday… I wanted to make pancakes!  I found this recipe for the strawberries, and thought that it sounded amazing, so I made it and they were!  I hope that you have a great Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day and that this recipe brings you as much happiness as it did to me.

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Anti Inflammatory Diet Review

Hello Adventurers!

Today I thought I would talk something that I tried out over the last month.  Last year I was reviewing my YouTube channel, link here, and also what I wanted my goals to be this year.  Since becoming fit, toned and healthy is a big one, I thought that I would try something to further that.  I then had a light bulb moment and thought, why not try and find a challenge or food/drink thing to try every month, and report back to you how I get on!  This would one, force me to do something to (hopefully) make a good difference to my life; two, give me the opportunity to tell you guys whether I feel that it works or not, thus saving you time; and three, create, again, hopefully interesting content for you all!

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Gluten Free White Chocolate Tray Bake

Hello Adventurers!

I quite like tray cakes, as if you didn’t know that already!  Tray cakes are simple to make, allows people to cut off as much, or as little, as they like and can be served as a cake, or with custard as a pudding.  So as I also like the flavour of white chocolate.  guess what I did… I COMBINED THE TWO OF COURSE, hahahahaha.  Let’s-a-go! 

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My Style (take it or leave it…) – 25-02-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I got an offer to go and see my sister on the Sunday so I jumped at the chance and moved things around to film on Saturday and go up to my Dad’s later on.  On Friday night Mum and I went through the recipe for the baking video I was going to film, and first thing on Saturday we got the equipment ready and wrote out the shopping list.  We had arranged to meet Dad at 10 – 10.30am and thought we could maybe do the shopping before but ran out of time unfortunately.

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