Gallery of the Dead – Chris Carter Review

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For the last couple of years my Dad has taken both me and my Mum away to Spain for my birthday.  On these holidays, I like to do literally nothing… other than read.  I hardly get any time to read day to day, so I take this opportunity every year to try and read at least one book.  Also, as a quick side note, one of my New Year’s Resolutions every year is to read at least three books, and I am a slow reader… so leaving it this late in the year is a good and bad thing.  I get to read a book which knocks one off the list, but it still means that I have to read two more in three months, a challenge, yes, but when I do get to read I really enjoy it and I think that this time away has helped rekindle that love again, result! Continue reading “Gallery of the Dead – Chris Carter Review”

Gluten Free and Yeast Free Pepperoni Pizza

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Pizzas, pizzas, pizzas… I just don’t think that you can really beat them!  I really want to make more pizzas, as not being able to have yeast, I cannot even have shop bought, or takeaway pizzas.  I also want to experiment with different flavourings, styles and toppings, so I think trying this one first is a good start!  This recipe will make three individual sized pizzas. Continue reading “Gluten Free and Yeast Free Pepperoni Pizza”

Gluten Free Simple Orange Cake

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Oranges, well satsumas, are one of my favourite fruits.  I only say that I prefer satsumas because they are easier to eat… anyway, I am creating an orange cake and, honestly, I find it delicious.  Lets-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Simple Orange Cake”

Essentials For Videoing: Part 2

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This is the second part of my three-part ‘Essentials For Videoing’ vlogging series.  Now, whilst I don’t consider myself an expert in any way, shape or form… I have spent this year filming and uploading vlogs and have learnt so much that I hope sharing that knowledge with you will make your vlogging journey, if you chose to take it, easier.  I’m including some hints and tricks that I have also picked up along the way. Continue reading “Essentials For Videoing: Part 2”

My Style (take it or leave it…) – 24-09-2018

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This weekend Mum and I woke late on Saturday morning, not until 8.45 am.  I’m pretty sure this was because we had a bad night on Thursday night and it caught up with us, actually I am very sure.  This made us fairly tight for time as we were meeting Dad for breakfast at 10.30 am in our local shopping centre, as Mum had to return some leggings she’d ordered for me from M&S because they were too big.  We made it in time, but only just! Continue reading “My Style (take it or leave it…) – 24-09-2018”

Dirty Dancing (1987) Review

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To start with I love this film. I find it such a simple(ish) story with major heart! It never fails to leave me with a smile on my face and that is what makes me love some films so much.  This is also one of my all time favourite dance movies, along with ‘Step Up’, and after watching this film again recently, I really must investigate more dance films.   This film is hugely iconic, so much so, that it is even mentioned in one of my favourite household TV shows, ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Continue reading “Dirty Dancing (1987) Review”

Magic Stars Hot Chocolate

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Today I am combining two of my favourite things, Magic Stars, which I love so much I named my dog after (I also named her after my love of all things magic, including Harry Potter) and hot chocolate, my all time favourite drink!  Let’s-a-go!

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Gluten Free Piñata Plain White Cupcakes

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I have wanted to do these for a really long time, and now I am finally achieving that goal!  I am also making my first ever gluten free ‘white cake’ cupcakes in this recipe, I hope you enjoy.  Lets-a-go!

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Essentials For Videoing: Part 1

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Last week I finished telling you about how I created my YouTube space.  So, seeing as my next task was to actually start producing (filming and editing) and uploading YouTube videos.  I thought that I would create another series to help you guys with what I find to be ‘essentials for videoing’.  With this being the first in this series, I thought that I would start with what I have found to be essential filming equipment as this is usually the first step into making videos. Continue reading “Essentials For Videoing: Part 1”