New Fences In The Garden!

Me Again,

Tonight we went round the field and it was empty of everyone except for a young couple sitting on the concrete slab having a picnic.  This would have been really nice except that I know that underneath the concrete slab is a sewer – not the most romantic place to take a girl!

Jean Nana has decided to put a small plastic fence between her flowers and the grass.  She said her flowers keep being trodden on and ruined.  I think it’s a shame the cats do that, but the fence is great!  It’s made the garden like an obstacle course and I can easily jump over it and hide behind it while Poppy looks for me, then I run along the fence and jump out at her – it’s such fun.

When we went to the field this morning, there was a husky.  Not the one that attacked Charlie, my owner’s previous dog.  That one is kept on a lead all the time because it keeps attacking other dogs.   This one was huge and ran at Poppy, which, of course, scared her to death and she had to be picked up!  Nanny took us another route, under the bridge and I very nearly caught a pigeon.  We went up on the bit of green beside the railway and had a good sniff round there.

This afternoon we went to the rugby pitch.  We like it there because we can come off our leads and be safe, but there was a jogger and she had a large dog with her.  Poppy got picked up, but the dog came over too fast and I had to run for it.  Mummy was chasing me but the dog was faster and I had to run into the bushes to hide.  Mummy came for me, but the dog, seeing her come, rolled on to his back ready for a fuss!  Honestly!

We went to the rugby pitch again this afternoon and there were some children firing arrows.  Poppy barked at them a lot and wasn’t allowed off her lead until we’d passed them and gone to the other field.  We ran round lots and I nearly caught two magpies, but they cheat and fly upwards – otherwise I know I would catch them.  On the way back, Poppy made a run for it because of the children and Mummy had to chase her, so I chased Mummy.  It was quite a race!  Mummy caught us, but Poppy did go into the road, so I’m not sure she’ll ever be allowed off her lead again…


Gotta go, I hear the treat jar!

See you next time…

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