My Style (take it or leave it…) – 18-06-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was Father’s Day weekend so I started off my Saturday going to my local shopping centre and picking up my Dad’s present.  I got him slippers this year as, as I have said before in my vlogs, link here, I think that men can be really difficult to buy for, so I decided to get him slippers as his were a bit battered and he didn’t actually tell me that he wanted anything (like he always does).  My chest was also really bad this weekend so my Mum hired me a mobility scooter as I find even walking a struggle.  I found this really hard to begin with as my anxiety was getting the better of me, but my Mum told me to not care about other people’s reactions and that is what I tried to do.  We went to the Disney Store, where can I just say, they have an amazing cooking section now, and then we went to Clintons as I needed to buy a card for my Dad (as I had left the one I had bought at home) and I also bought my goddaughter a money box as that is what I had promised to get her for her birthday.  We then met my Dad for breakfast and had a good catch-up about the past week.  After breakfast Krisp, a women’s clothing shop, was having a sale where everything was a fiver, so I bought about ten items… not good I know but I am a girl who needs new clothes all the time, which is just female policy. Right?  Help me out here girls, hahaha.

We all then went off to Primark as I wanted to buy a few things for Harry Potter Day that I had seen last week when I went to a different shopping centre and they had amazing Harry Potter products!  I will be doing a haul on everything I bought, but I found a load of things and cannot wait to show them all to you!  We all then went to have coffee and I managed to crash the mobility scooter into the table, spilling my Dad’s drink, which he was not happy about… sorry Dad.  My Mum has sent out her Santa story and is now working on the next one, I am soooo proud of her.  She is writing one set in the time of the Ancient Greeks and she asked both me and my Dad (out of nowhere I might add) ‘when you think of the ancient Greeks, what animals pop into your head?’ to which I said a rabbit (no idea why) and my Dad said ‘Cyclopes’… we are a great help as you can tell.  My Dad then started talking about Cyclopes’ only having one eye and I said, ‘why eye man’.  Which we all really laughed at and I know it’s going to be a continuous joke in the family, or at least I am going to make it last as it is one of the funniest things I have ever said!

My Mum then went home and I went off with my Dad to my Dad’s, funnily enough.  About two weeks ago I had recorded the film ‘Identity Thief’ but I couldn’t watch it before 10.00pm because of the age restriction and because we didn’t know the pin password, I guess, but my Dad went through his paperwork and we managed to find the pin and watch it.  It is also a really easy pin so we won’t forget that in a hurry.  We watched ‘Identity Thief’ had showers and went out to dinner.  With my chest playing me up so much I didn’t feel well enough to go to the pub, so I thought that my Dad would just drop me back at his after dinner, however, he decided to come home with me, I think that this is so he could stay and look after me, so thank you very much Daddy.  I also had a splitting headache as well so I really wasn’t up for doing much of anything.

We went home, and watched ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ and half of ‘The Bodyguard’ before I went to bed.  My Dad fell asleep on the sofa and didn’t wake up until 3.00am before going to bed!   Sunday was Father’s Day so we went to meet my Mum for breakfast as I knew that my sisters were going to see him later and I gave him his card that my Mum had brought from home, along with three others I had.  I chose the one that said ‘Dad you created a LEGEND’ which I know is true and gave him his slippers.  He loved them and was actually thinking of getting some new ones on Sunday anyway so good catch on my part.  Unfortunately but also luckily, he tried them on and they were the wrong size so we took them back to M&S and got a size smaller.  We then popped back to Primark as I was hoping that they would have some of the tops that were in the other shopping centre out, as the day before there weren’t any out in my size.  Luckily they had one of the tops, and in my size, so I bought that quickly and I will have to pop back to the other shopping centre when I have more money.

I then slowly made my way to way to where we were going to have coffee while my parents went off and did their other jobs.  We had a coffee and went off to M&S’s food shop to get food for me the next couple of days and dessert for Sunday dinner.  I then said goodbye to my Dad and wished him a great Father’s Day and I went home with my Mum.  During the week I had worked the majority of the way doing a review of ‘Black Panther’ so I finished watching and reviewing that and then reviewed ‘Winchester’.  I then had dinner with my Uncle, my Nana and my Mum and then my Uncle’s cats gave him his Father’s Day presents, which were wine, and the film ‘The Commuter’ over dessert of strawberries and cream and cream cakes (as he has to gain weight and build himself up and eat cakes etc).  We all then watched the film after dinner and me and Mum went to bed.

This weekend I wore a blue long vest top from Next, another Desigual top, Sainsbury’s black leggings and a blue Desigual scarf.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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