My Style (take it or leave it…) – 08-10-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend started with me and my Mum having my Goddaughter over the night before.  We then all had a chilled wake up and then my Goddaughter had some breakfast.  Mum got her dressed while I had a shower and got dressed, and then she took both my Goddaughter and the dogs out for a walk.  While I was getting dress and my things together my cousin called and said that there had been a mix up on the timings and that my Goddaughter’s grandmother was there to pick her up now, and not in an hour… so I quickly got my things together and went over to the field and told my Mum that we had to go.

We got my Goddaughter there safely and waited until they had left, then talked to my cousin for a while, before leaving to meet my Dad for breakfast.  We caught up with my Dad’s week, then, as the café got very, very noisy we moved to another place as my Dad was insistent on booking my Mum’s weekend away to celebrate her 60th birthday in a couple of weeks.

We went to the Golf Club and sat for two hours trying to book three nights away in Spain.  We tried booking direct, but the flights were extortionate, so we tried package deals, along with Trivago.  Is it heck as simple as putting in what you want.  So, after a couple of hours, we ended up booking a hotel just down on the coast here, BUT the hotel has a spa and an inside pool, so we’re happy and it’ll give me a whole new experience to blog and vlog about.

We finished up and Mum went home to build the last cupboard we had bought during the week and spend time with my Uncle and I set off for Dad’s, stopping at Tescos to pick up a couple of things.  I cut my nails, had and shower and we chilled, watching television until quite late, then set off for dinner.  Unfortunately both our meals were cold so we didn’t enjoy it, but Dad had some beer to drink at home so we went back and watched ‘Oceans Thirteen’ and other films until bed time.

The next day we had breakfast with my Mum, finding out that the person who owns the café and who has know me since I was born is selling up.  Then we all went to ASDA to do some shopping, first time round to buy rood and essentials, then we went for a coffee before going round again to look at fun stuff.  Dad got bored and set off for his, which suited Mum and me and we looked round for ever!

Next me and Mum got some petrol, then took the car for a run down the A40 as it’s a diesel and needs a good run now and again.  As a treat, Mum took me to John Lewis to look at their Halloween stuff.  I was surprised at how small the section was considering the size of the shop but I chose some really cool stuff and am going to do a vlog haul soon to show you what I got and I cant wait!

By now it was about 3 pm(!) so we set off for home so I could make the tray cake needed for this week’s blog, which went very well.  Then I sat and edited my weekly vlog, while Mum cooked the vegetables my Nana had prepared ready for dinner.  I had to rescue the cheese sauce which had gone worse than lumpy but Mum certainly ate it.

After dinner we watched the new Doctor Who, then we had dessert, spent some time sorting out the cupboards in the Studio, then went to bed ready to start all over again tomorrow.


This weekend I wore a black vest top from F&F (Tesco), a blue striped shirt from H&M and a pair of dark blue jeans from Next and a blue scarf.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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