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Hello Adventurers!

Today I am going to tell you about the items that I bought for Halloween from John Lewis.  We took an unexpected trip to see John Lewis and headed for the Halloween section.  I was very surprised to see how small the Halloween section for John Lewis was, as it was quite a big shop that I went to.  I would actually be interested to know if smaller John Lewis’ have the same selection.  I actually wasn’t intending on buying anything on this ‘quick’ look around, but some of their selection was so unique and my kind of Halloween, that I couldn’t pass it up!  I ended up spending £100 on this haul, however, I do feel that all of the items I bought will last me an incredibly long time (so long as I look after them properly) as they are great quality!  I also saw that they had loads of things in the way of Christmas and cannot wait to explore that in the next couple of months.

The first item that I feel in love with and actually made me want to buy instead of look around, was a metal witch and ghost display (which I later found out was a tealight) ‘Ghost And Witch Scene Tealight Holder’, link here.  This is not child-friendly as it is a display item and not a toy, but it is as I said at the beginning it is such a good quality item that I expect it to last an incredibly long time.  The tealight goes into a holder inside the top of an ‘old-fashioned lamp post’.  I also love this item as, although children cannot play with it, it is a non-scary but fun item so it won’t scare me or my future children, allowing it to have longevity.

Then I saw a game which I think looked really fun, it was ‘Ginger Ray Halloween Witch Hat Toss Game’, link here.  I thought that this game would be good for both YouTube videos in the future and future Halloweens with my family.  The game has a witch’s hat on a string (like a party hat), that you put on and the other player(s) throw a ring on to.  Good, easy game to play.

Turning round I spotted a skull glass ‘Halloween Skull Glass Cup’, link here, which is going to be perfect for when I make Halloween smoothies, hot chocolate, mocktails etc.  It has a black lid and a straw, meaning I can walk around with it and not risk spilling my drinks (a common occurrence).  The glass is as big as a large takeaway cup from, say, Costa so will hold a sizeable amount.

The next thing to catch my eye was a metal pumpkin carving set.  I’ve got cheap, plastic ones, from buying Halloween magazines, but I wanted one that would last and help me to do a more professional carving next year.

A pack of small Halloween baubles stored in a small plastic container were perfect to hang on my tree.  Black ribbon completed the baubles, which are bright orange and have several different designs, including, spider webs, pumpkins, bats and black cats.  They are also ‘shatter-proof’ which is also great!

The next item I just had to have was an indoor hanging witch light, ‘Halloween Witch LED Light Hanger’ link here.  This has a battery operated light and it’s a fantastic display item.  It’s not child friendly because it has a lot of sharp edges, but will add a classy touch to the night.  You hook it up, turn on the light and enjoy as the witch and pumpkin hovers, moving slightly as it hangs there.

Hanging from the John Lewis walls were bejewelled spiders ‘Halloween Bead Spider Hanging Decoration’ link here, and I bought two to hang from our light tree.  They are beautiful and sparkle in the light and will keep for a very long time.  

Mum saw a black crow that she wanted me to buy, which completed the set for the tree.  The feathers are glossy and it has metal hooks to hook onto surfaces.

The last item I bought was a metal haunted house tealight holder.  It is as classical as the witch and ghost item above and though not child friendly, will last forever if looked after properly.

Next year I will buy a few more items and add to my collection.  I’ve done this for my Christmas selection, but maybe I’ll make the Halloween items things the children can touch without risk of hurting themselves, or burning themselves, or being shouted at!

All in all, as it hadn’t been a shopping trip, I got some great stuff, and certainly enough to ‘Halloween up’ my video’ing area.  My Goddaughter spent the day taking all the baubles off the tree and putting them back on again, all on the same branch!

Happy Halloween!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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