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This film is fantastic!  I do not like horrors, but there are the odd few that I have watched and enjoyed, the original to this being one of them.  I really couldn’t wait to see this film and it was actually the trailer for it that made me want to watch it, and the original.  That being said, this is only one of the few ‘horror’ films that I have watched that I would actually class as a horror.  I wouldn’t watch this film on my own, I would have to watch it with my one or both of my parents… my Mum for comfort and my Dad for protection, HAHAHA!

Since I touched on the original in the previous paragraph, I will just quickly tell you something that I didn’t know:  I didn’t realise that it wasn’t a film and that it was actually a two part tv series.  Watching the original actually helped because I then knew what I was getting myself into for this film as I couldn’t read the book in time for the film release, nor did I plan on it as I was and still am too scared (although, never say never!).  This was extremely long and it now makes far more sense to me.  As this wasn’t a film, it makes this film the first official theatrical adaptation of the ‘It’ novel.  I love how this film is not a remake but a whole new take on the book.  The film is a two parter, again, something I didn’t realise when I bought the DVD, but I am really happy about it as I think that that allows everyone involved to delve into the book and make something identical, if not very similar, to the book.

This film is very scary, and has left me thinking about it long after watching it, which I think is a good thing… not the scary aspect you understand, but the fact that this film has stayed with me is, I hope, a huge compliment to the film makers and everyone involved and just how well thought through it was.  The film is incredibly creepy from the get go.  One thing I don’t like about horror films is how they are all set in the dark, so you can’t see anything which, if you are like me, you could not watch this type of film in the dark.  Which is one reason why I like it is  that a lot of it is actually filmed in day light, allowing me to be able to understand more of what is going on.  This film is long at two hours and fifteen minutes, and it held my attention the whole time.  I have heard that this means that it is adapted straight from the book.  Although I cannot comment on this as I have only seen four film adaptations of Stephen King’s novels, I can say that this film has some more detail than it did in the original tv mini series.

The actors in this amazing film are:  Jaeden Lieberher (Bill Denbrough),  Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben Hanscom), Sophia Lillis (Beverly Marsh), Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier), Chosen Jacobs (Mike Hanlon), Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie Kaspbrak), Wyatt Oleff (Stanley Uris), Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise), Nicholas Hamilton (Henry Bowers), Jake Sim (Belch Huggins), Logan Thompson (Victor Criss), Owen Teague (Patrick Hockstetter), Jackson Robert Scott (Georgie Denbrough).  They are all amazing and should be really proud of their performances.  Bill Skarsgård who plays Pennywise is absolutely brilliant and I really must look at more of his work now that I have seen what he can do.  I really must look at more of Andy Muschietti’s work as well as I don’t need to tell you again how much I enjoyed this film.  One thing that did surprise me is how little screen time Pennywise actually has.  I like how the film is really focused on the coming together of the ‘Losers Club’.  I think it is really clever that they kept the children actors away from Pennywise before each of their scenes with him as this paid off with adding suspense and fear to the children on camera.

As mentioned before, I love how this film has been split into two.  I am really excited as to who has been cast to play the adults of the ‘Losers Club’ and I am really excited about it.

The special effects, visuals and score are also brilliant.  One thing that I did find out while doing research about this film is that it was seven years before the project began filming, and I do believe it was well worth the wait.  I also know that this film broke a lot of records and I believe that this is really deserved.


Let me know what you think of this film if you have, or are going to watch it, in the comments below!  Also, if you were looking to buy this film check out my shop for an easy link to do so!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

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