I’m Traumatised!

Me Again,

So let’s catch up.

I was sitting there, minding my own business when Betz grabbed me, picked up a black comb thing and started shaving me!  I’d been shaved once before at a shop, where they shampooed me, combed my curls and then cut them all off!

I came home and Mummy was so proud of me – she said I looked gorgeous!  Us girls always love being told that – don’t we?

But Betz, well, that was a different story.  There was no shampoo, no combing out my curls, just a lot of shaving.  But here’s where Betz went wrong, she didn’t have straps to hold me down so I kept escaping.  When she finally gave up, (after Mummy said I’d had enough) I had three paws shaved, with one left making me look like ‘The Grinch’ Mummy said.  One side was shaved, with the other mostly shaved.  I had half my neck shaved and the other not.

I didn’t care, I’m not the most patient, I need to run and chase and scamper, not sit quietly while someone gets a shaver caught in matted bits (which did hurt!).

Personally, I think the shop was better because I was more pampered, but it was nice having Mummy in the room, ready to jump in when necessary.

Love her soooooo much!


See you next time…

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