Giving Evie Licks!

Hi all,

Today we went for the usual morning walk, except that we bumped into Betz driving Emily and Evie over.  Emily wasn’t well yesterday and had to stay home – we like that!  She fusses us and doesn’t mind us curling up with her if she goes to bed. True, she’s always on her phone, but mostly that leaves one hand free to fuss us too!

Evie we love having over, but I sense double standards with her.  It seems to be okay for her to pull my legs, sit on me and steal my biscuits but if I sit on her that seems to be a problem!  The other day her Mum, Betz put her on my back and I’m really not that strong – especially if she’s got a full nappy!  However, she does share her food with us, sometimes letting us have a lick then finishing it off herself, sometimes letting us have it all – you never know which way that’s going to go.

This morning she came up to make sure Mummy was awake and she smelled really good.  I gave her a good fuss, licking her ears and she just sat and giggled until Mummy took me away (will sneak up again on her later!).


Have a great day!

See you next time…

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