My Favourite TV Shows For Children

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I tend to watch a lot of children’s TV shows with my two year old goddaughter.  We tend to keep the TV on throughout the day as it tends to be a continual calming noise that is just there.  Here are a list of my favourite shows that we all listen to and enjoy:


This is personally my favourite show as it is set from a child’s point of view.  In every episode they handle different situations that, I think, a child will understand.  This program is also very calm in terms of how they deal with the situation, thus helping the parent, babysitter and child to understand how to deal with these situations calmly rather than have a screaming and shouting match with each other.


Mister Maker

I would explain this show as ‘Art Attack’ for little ones.  In my opinion, though, this show would be better suited for older children rather than babies.  In every show they make all kinds of things.  One of the best things about the show is that everything they make you can find on their website so you can make these with your littles ones.  I cannot wait for my goddaughter to be old enough to try these out!



Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t used to like this show.  However, after watching the show a few more times, I found that it is actually a really great show.  The show promotes yoga exercise for little ones, which the characters do and they ask the audience to take part in, thus, involving the children, which is FANTASTIC!  This would be a good program to buy on DVD and on the days that it is raining, or you haven’t planned to go out, you could put it on and it would get them active.


Tinga Tinga Tales

This show is full of bright colours, and great stories.  The series tells of how certain animals got their characteristics and bodily features i.e. why an elephant has a trunk, why a lion roars.  The theme tune is great as well, I always sing along to it!


Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave

This is my Nana’s favourite show for my goddaughter (and her) to watch.  This show is about three characters, Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave, going on educational adventures with their friend Hatty the Hamster.  As they go on their adventure, Hatty asks them a series of questions while asking the audience to say who they think has the correct answer.  By the end of the show, the characters always learn what they need to learn and they explain it all again to the audience in simple terms.



This is another great show.  I love the theme song and sing along to it every time.  My goddaughter dances and claps to it as well and we are like a band and should go on Britain’s Got Talent – you guys would vote for us, right?  There are five characters that are always on the show called Great Big Hoo, Toodolo, Chickedy, Chick and Peek-a-boo.  There are other characters that sometimes show up, however, they aren’t main characters so I won’t talk about them too much.  Anyway, the Great Big Hoo, Toodolo, Chickedy, Chick go on adventures to see meanings of words i.e. Up, Round and Round, Underneath.  They then use the weirdest ways in which to convey the meanings of these words to the children.


What is your favourite children’s show for your little one and why?  Let me know in the comments!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you! 

See you next time…

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