Creating My YouTube Space: Part 5

Hello Adventurers!

Guess who’s back, back again.  Wow, I have already written four of these… doesn’t time just fly.  We are now onto part five where I will talk about how the pictures turned out and which option was the best; weird light markings; testing out other options; and why I love my new remote.In the last part when I was taking the pictures, some looked really good and some looked awful in my opinion.  I reviewed them with my Mum as she is really good at telling me what is and isn’t good.  She is also looking at the pictures from the perspective of an audience member,  whereas, I am looking at it from the view of a perfectionist.  In the end we both decided that the batwing lights (which as you know where my favourite anyway) was the best option for the pictures.  The only problem with them was that in the pictures there were some weird light markings, I decided to see why this was being caused.

I tried to see if it was the light box, so I removed that and tested it out.  The picture actually looked great, there wasn’t really any difference between taking the pictures inside the light box and without it.  Then, I tried to see if covering the lights with the plain A4 paper to see if that diffused or spread out the light, this didn’t work.  The next thing I tried was that my batwing lights had a torch at the top of it, so thought that the torch lights would look good as they were really direct light.  This turned out terribly and was probably the worst option that I had come across in my journey.

Although the testing above seemed pointless, it allowed me to decide to not use the light box for all the pictures, and to just use it for taking the final picture of the end project.  It also showed me what not to do.  That is the whole point of trying these different options out, how am I ever going to find the correct one if I don’t try other ways.  In the end I think that the lights going wrong was because of the shape of my batwing lights, as the lights are split into two parts as opposed to one big light source.

This left me with two options, one, I could cut the structure that my Mum had made to hold the camera, which could mean that it would break completely and we would have to make another one or I could not use the batwing lights and get some proper lights for taking the pictures.  I don’t really want to buy any new lighting as that means that the batwing lights were a waste of money and I can’t bear that considering that there is so much that I need to buy for my business.

One great thing that I did figure out was that the remote that I got help me take the pictures was really worth the money.  It saved me so much time and effort that could be spent on other things.  It also saved me from bending over while taking the pictures and allowed me make edits quickly and to just be able to get on with the work at hand.

So, the final result was that I was only going to use the light box for taking the pictures at the end of each video for the end product, I am still going to use my structure as it is and not cut it down or change it, and I will just use the batwing lights as they are.  I was talking this over with my mother and we finally decided that, although the pictures didn’t look perfect (which was really hard for me to get through my head), as I save up money and get better equipment, I can either leave the pictures as they are and show people the journey of how good the animations will get, or I could eventually redo some of the animations that I am working on when my equipment gets better.  Either way I got-on-with it and can see a difference happening.

I think that I will leave it there for now.  Thank you for reading, I am really enjoying telling you about this.


Hope you are enjoying my series and are hopefully learning a lot as that it the whole point of doing this.


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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