Creating My YouTube Space: Part 16

Hello Adventurers!

Just a quick warning to say that this is the final installment in this series… only until I get my own house you understand.  I cannot believe how quickly this series has come to its inevitable stand still, however I am really excited that in the future I will be able to bring this series, and hopefully many more like it, to life again.

So, going on from last week I told you that I was going off to buy that table that I really wanted from Argos.  It was a bar table that had a small side cupboard and a drawer that I could place some equipment that I was going to be using all the time in, i.e. my electric hand whisk, spatula, baking paper.  However, as the time came closer and closer to being able to go and buy the table, it became more and more of a bad idea.  It wasn’t going to provide as much room as I would have hoped it would, and it was too expensive (me and my Mum personally) to cover me for what will hopefully only be a short time.  In the end we decided against this table and me and my Mum both continued to research into tables that could store, take weight and was long and deep enough to be able to do everything I needed it to.

In the meantime, I continued practicing filming so that it could help me get used to and learn how to:  edit, film and work out a script in my head.  I found with every video I practiced, i learnt a much needed lesson, which is of course what practicing is all about.  It took a little while, but not too long thankfully, for us to find a few great options for tables.  Again, Argos were selling some tables that were built together so that they formed cubes which was great and you could also buy boxes that fit into the cubes, allowing me to be able to get rid of both of the grey storage towers that were at the time holding a lot of my ingredients and equipment.  There was the choice between a three by three cube cupboard table or a three by two cupboard table, in the end, due to spacing issues, we decided to go with the three by two option.  Both of these tables were also half the price of the bar table, so me and my Mum were really happy.

We got the table and during the week I started building it, which I have to tell you was a complete palaver!  Admittedly, I had not read the instructions correctly, however, even when my Mum came home to help me fix it, and finish making it, and we did… the pigging storage boxes that fit into the cubes, wouldn’t fit!  IT WAS INFURIATING!  However, by the time we got the cupboard in its location and on a dolly so that I could move it around without my Mum having to be there to move it for me… it all began to come together, FINALLY!

We also decided to change the wall I was going to be filming in front of as it was easier to move the cupboard on the wooden floor than it would be on the carpet, plus, as it was summer, the natural lighting for it worked perfectly.  The next thing to do was to decide what was going in to each cube.  The top two were the ones that really counted as they were going to be the ones, if any, that were going to show in my filming.  Me and my Mum decided that it would look nice to fit in as many of my cookbooks as possible, and I wanted the second one to have my BB8 money box in it, just because I could (hehehe).  Also not all of the backs to the cubes had backs to them so we were trying to keep one of those clear so that I could place my ingredients there and not have to keep coming out from behind my table to get them all and possibly mess up the set up.

I had known for a while that I wasn’t happy with the wall colour that was essentially my background for my videos.  Ideally I wanted the wall to be white as white is one of my favourite colours and I think that it makes everything else stand out more.  I didn’t do anything about it before as the studio isn’t actually mine, and, therefore, I didn’t actually have free reign over what I personally wanted it to look like.  In the end I was filming videos and not putting them up for that reason, which was ridiculous so me and my Mum asked my Nana if we could paint the wall and she said yes, which was amazing!  We waited for a day when the weather was really hot and we actually managed to get three coats done in one day and then my Mum did the final coat for me as I was at my Dad’s.

After painting the wall, everything fell into place, of course with experience I am adjusting things all the time, but that was always going to happen.  As winter is getting nearer the days are getting darker and the weather isn’t as sunny so I am filming with the lights on and that is giving off as good-an-effect as I can until I have enough money saved to buy proper lighting.  We have also bought a secondary table that is much lower than my filming table so that I can rest the equipment on there so I am not having to run around the entire room to find it, which has also been a major life saver!


And that’s it, the ‘Creating my YouTube Space’ has come to an end.  Thank you sooo much for going on the journey with me.  I really enjoyed writing about and doing this project.  I cannot wait to start it up again when I get to design it in my own house.


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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