Creating My YouTube Space: Part 15

Hello Adventurers!

So to continue on from last week, I was trying to find an alternative to the chest of drawers as they now had a different use.  The other reason we didn’t really follow up on the chest of drawers was firstly, that it was really heavy to move and with my chest I cannot move it on my own and secondly the lighting and placement of it didn’t look right in the camera.

I then went round all the walls with my camera taking pictures at each stage to test the natural light for all of them.  We found our wall, which was stage one of completing the filming progress.  The next part, of course, was to try and find something to film on.  I have two silver cabinets that were a good height and have all of my baking/cooking stuff in anyway, so these made a good starting point.  I actually filmed on these and it worked really well.  The only obstacle, much like the drawers, was the fact that I cannot lift anything heavy, so we had to find something to help me move them around, as when my Mum is back at work, she will obviously not be here to move them for me.

There are some other works happening up at the house as both my Nana’s and my Uncle’s bedroom floors were having laminate being put down.  We had bought a dolly that made moving furniture around a lot easier, so we were looking around for something like that.  The two shops that we went to didn’t have any left, so we had a look at the trolleys and found one that looked really good and bought that to put my silver cupboards on.  After we had finished putting together the trolley however, we found both of the silver drawers wouldn’t fit on the trolley and unfortunately the one silver chest of drawers on its own would be too small a workspace.

As you guys know we are living at my Nana’s house, and so we have to put a lot of our stuff into storage, this is even more evident as I am moving a lot of my clothes down to the studio and I cannot fit them down there meaning I have to put them into storage.   This then means that I have a lot of boxes around, so we tried make two piles of these boxes on the trolley and they FIT PERFECTLY!  I have also tried filming on these and they work really well!

However yet another problem, although a fortunate one, has arisen, my high table that I really wanted from Argos is currently on sale at the sale price of £160, which is a £40 decrease from the original price.  I am trying to currently get transportation to buy it as it is at such a cheaper price.

I will let you know what happens next week as I have to buy the thing.


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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