Creating My YouTube Space: Part 14

Hello Adventurers!

Following on from my previous blog post in this series, I found it too much of an emotional and mental struggle to film in the situation I was in, so I gave videoing a break for a long time and devoted all my time to my blogging work.

Now, we are starting to get to the end of this series, so I am going to skip through a little bit of time and say that I am now actually filming my baking videos!  HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!!  I have also started weekly vlogging and doing style and whatever I want videos.  I am currently uploading a weekly vlog on a Monday, gluten and yeast free baking videos on Wednesdays, and on Friday I am upload either a style video or a video about whatever I want the subject to be.

So, how did I progress to now doing the videos and not doing them earlier?  The simple answer is that my Grandmother has converted her garage into a space that she is allowing me to film and do all my work in, plus me and my Mum have kind of thought, who gives a monkeys just go for it!

My Grandmother had her garage, or ‘the studio’, as I now like to call it, converted late last year and she said that I could use it for my filming and, in general, a place for me to work away from the house so that I didn’t have to work in my cramped bedroom.  I could have a place that I could solely work and also have that home and work separation in my head.  I managed to get my big desktop computer out of storage and started doing all my work on that, making life so much easier.  Me and my Mum also went around Dunelm looking for something that I could film my baking videos on, I did see a brilliant table in Argos, however it was £200 and I just didn’t have the money to spend on that plus the money to deck out my new work space.  I was really upset about this as that table had all the criteria, it was tall, meaning I could work standing up and without having to bend over, thus not hurting my back and it also had a drawer and tall cupboard on the side that I  could put all my frequently used equipment in.  We then found a chest of drawers that would fit the bill for half the price with four bigger and better sized drawers in it.

When my Grandmother gave me the studio, I decided that I wanted to move as much as I could out of my bedroom and into the studio to create much needed space in the bedroom.  That, therefore, meant that we actually turned the chest of drawers into something that could store my underwear and some plates and cutlery that I use for my lunch down there.

I then didn’t actually start doing my videos for a little while after that as I was trying to find a way to create a workstation down there until I could afford the table I really wanted.


I think that I will leave it there for a week and let you know the rest next week.


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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