Creating My YouTube Space: Part 12

Hello Adventurers!

Part twelve, wow, we have got this far already.  Let’s-a-go.

Now that the painting and flooring are done and I can tick that off the list, the next thing to tick off was setting up the stringy twinkly lights.  This took an exceedingly long time as the lights were all jumbled, chewed and tangled up.  When I tried filming at my Dad’s flat, the lights were a real pain in the bottom to set up.  Then we had to take them down and they got completely jumbled up.  As I knew that we were going to set the lights up in the garage, I had had the task of trying to unjumble them so they were easier to set up later.

This proved in vain later on as it really made no difference.  One thing that made it slightly easier was that my grandmother let us use some bamboo sticks that she had left over in the garage to connect both the top and bottom of the lights so that they rested high enough and that the lights didn’t rest on the floor.  I didn’t want any of the animals to chew them, or for me or anyone else to stand on them and break them.  That all took a really long time as there were two sets of lights, of different lengths and differing amount of lights.

After that was finished, we moved some furniture around, i.e. a table that we had used before for car boot sales, that I was going to use to rest the tripod and camera on and am also going to use to do my craft and stop motion videos on.  I also grabbed a chair.  The final piece of furniture was one of my Nana’s cabinets that she wanted to be moved down to the garage to create space in the house.  This was good as it helped create a barrier between me, the door to the garage and to the house so that no one could see me filming.  I would like to have privacy when I do my videos so that I can concentrate and just be myself, I was also not that confident in my filming abilities yet.  I am going to use the cabinet to store a lot of my craft projects and equipment in.  It wasn’t really safe or intelligent to leave any of my filming equipment in there so that was going to be brought back up to the house after filming.


That’s part tweleve finished.  Thank you for reading, and I hope you are enjoying it.


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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