The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) Review

Hello Adventurers!

I am having a bit of a shuffle around with what I am posting on this blog and on what days.  I am thinking, that Monday’s will be ‘Style’ posts, Wednesday’s will stay being anything ‘In The Kitchen’, and Friday’s will be alternating between a ‘Book Review’ or ‘Film Review’ and a ‘Thinks’ post.  That being said, today I am (as you will have seen by the title) writing about a brilliant film that I have watched recently and have instantly fallen in love with.

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Split (2016) Review

Hello Adventurers!

Sometime last year I watched this film and found it incredibly interesting.  It is put down with an age range of thirteen, however, watching the film, I personally don’t think that I would want my thirteen year old child to watch this.  Although saying that I was watching ‘Law and Order: SVU’ from about that age, so who am I to say.

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Legend (2015) Review

Hello Adventurers!

I would first like to point out that anyone who doesn’t like swearing or violence of any form should not watch this film, as there is a fair bit of all of that in here. Now that we have got that out if the way, let’s get on with why we are all here. Continue reading “Legend (2015) Review”