Gallery of the Dead – Chris Carter Review

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For the last couple of years my Dad has taken both me and my Mum away to Spain for my birthday.  On these holidays, I like to do literally nothing… other than read.  I hardly get any time to read day to day, so I take this opportunity every year to try and read at least one book.  Also, as a quick side note, one of my New Year’s Resolutions every year is to read at least three books, and I am a slow reader… so leaving it this late in the year is a good and bad thing.  I get to read a book which knocks one off the list, but it still means that I have to read two more in three months, a challenge, yes, but when I do get to read I really enjoy it and I think that this time away has helped rekindle that love again, result! Continue reading “Gallery of the Dead – Chris Carter Review”

Die For Me – Karen Rose Review

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A little story behind this book is that I didn’t know that it was one of a trilogy and I read the second one about a year ago on holiday!  Ya know, because having a number two on the spine of the book, clearly, just wasn’t a big enough clue for me.  I have read these in completely the wrong order, so I had to play catch up in this book to figure out some things that I just didn’t understand in the second one.  But hey-ho it’s done, and something that I find hilarious now!

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Inheritance Cycle Book Series: Eragon – Christopher Paolini Review

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If you like books full of adventure, mythical creatures and that are set in medieval – like times, then this is a great book for you!

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