Learning To Go To The Toilet

Me Again,

When I first came, I found it really hard not going for a pee overnight.  It was much too scary to go downstairs in the dark, especially with four cats in the house ready to pounce on me.  I got into a lot of trouble with Jean Nana when I didn’t go outside and eventually I realised that it was less scary facing the cats, than Jean Nana.

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Poorly Baby and Need a Wee

Me Again,

Last night, this morning, was very weird.  We’d gone to bed with Mummy and Nanny as usual but then Jean Nana, Bethany, Evie (the baby) and Emily all came over.  It must have been past midnight and I disapprove of all of them being up that late.  Anyway we barked and barked to let everyone know we knew they were there, then went down (when Mummy opened the door) and gave them a proper welcome.

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The Feather

Me, again!

This evening, Nanny walked us under the bridge to the green on the other side.  Under the bridge live HUNDREDS of pigeons and it is my life’s mission to catch one.  We watched Lion King again the other day and I learnt a few more tricks on how to stalk your prey, so slowed down, put my nose to the ground and crept forward, ready to pounce!  They didn’t see me coming.

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