Giving Evie Licks!

Hi all,

Today we went for the usual morning walk, except that we bumped into Betz driving Emily and Evie over.  Emily wasn’t well yesterday and had to stay home – we like that!  She fusses us and doesn’t mind us curling up with her if she goes to bed. True, she’s always on her phone, but mostly that leaves one hand free to fuss us too!

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Birthday Time!!!


This week was my birthday.  Mummy and Nanny gave me extra cuddles and I got a treat-doughnut to celebrate.  Mummy was muttering about how now that I’m one I have to be a bit more responsible and grown up and stop eating Jean Nana’s shoes, but Nanny stepped in and said I could be a puppy a bit longer.  I love that woman!

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New Fences In The Garden!

Me Again,

Tonight we went round the field and it was empty of everyone except for a young couple sitting on the concrete slab having a picnic.  This would have been really nice except that I know that underneath the concrete slab is a sewer – not the most romantic place to take a girl!

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