How To Give A Baby Eye Drops

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I had to do this for my goddaughter and it was not fun I can tell you.  It is so much harder with babies because you cannot explain to them, in a way that they will understand, why they have to have them, the same can be said for any sort of medicine you have to give a baby.  My goddaughter got quite bad conjunctivitis.  Her mother said, that when she woke up in the morning there was so much junk there that she couldn’t even open her eyes!  So my cousin brought her over and she called the health visitor to see what to do, then proceeded to make my goddaughter a doctor’s appointment.  Continue reading “How To Give A Baby Eye Drops”

My Favourite TV Shows For Children

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I tend to watch a lot of children’s TV shows with my two year old goddaughter.  We tend to keep the TV on throughout the day as it tends to be a continual calming noise that is just there.  Here are a list of my favourite shows that we all listen to and enjoy:

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Things I Think Make A Great TV Show For Children

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With me looking after my goddaughter so much, this means that I am also listening and watching a lot of her TV shows.  There are so many shows out there that I just wanted to give my opinion on what I thought makes an excellent children’s show.

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