Orange Flavoured Water

Hello Adventurers!

Flavoured water is great!  I find it an awesome way of getting water into your system without it being boring.  This is my version of orange flavoured water which is made only using the fruit and has no additional additives which you tend to find in shop-bought products.  Lets-a-go! Continue reading “Orange Flavoured Water”

Magic Stars Hot Chocolate

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am combining two of my favourite things, Magic Stars, which I love so much I named my dog after (I also named her after my love of all things magic, including Harry Potter) and hot chocolate, my all time favourite drink!  Let’s-a-go!

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Virgin Mojito

Hello Adventurers!

Since this is my birthday month, I want to do recipes of food and drink that I love and one of my all time favourite drinks is a virgin mojito.  I am so happy that I now have a recipe so that I can make it for myself at home and I don’t have to wait until I got out to dinner (when I would normally order this drink), to drink it.  This recipe is based on a 250ml glass, lets-a-go! Continue reading “Virgin Mojito”

Creamy Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

Hello Adventurers!

I really enjoyed making my ‘Strawberries and Cream Milkshake’, link here, and this week I thought I would make something similar.  Today I am going to show you how to make a peanut butter and banana smoothie, I have tried to combine the two in this recipe as I found the recipe lovely and creamy, but it also includes two of my five fruit and veggies a day, so it is still healthy … right?  This recipe makes around 550ml of this lovely smoothie.  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Creamy Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie”

Virgin Mojito Flavoured Water

Hello Adventurers!

I absolutely loved the taste of my flavoured water recipe, link here, and I am really excited to be showing you another one.  One of my all time favourite drinks is a virgin mojito, I actually have this most weekends when I go to dinner with my Dad and I wanted to create a few recipes with the components of this delicious drink.  In view of how hot it has been the last couple of months, I wanted to create another refreshing flavoured water recipe but combine my favourite drink with it!  This recipe is based on a 250ml glass, lets-a-go!

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Cucumber and Mint Lemonade

Hello Adventurers!

I saw this being sold as flavoured water in M&S and it gave me the idea to make this lemonade.  This drink is sooo refreshing, especially in the hot weather that we have been having, I cannot wait to try it with just water to see how refreshing it is!  I also love that it has the flavours of lemonade and the sweetness of the golden syrup just to give it that little extra something!  This recipe was for a 250ml glass. Continue reading “Cucumber and Mint Lemonade”

Strawberries and Cream Milkshake

Hello Adventurers!

I thought as Wimbledon started this week I would take a much loved food from there and turn it into a milkshake as the weather as been so nice!  I cannot imagine any better drink, other than lemonade, to have in this weather and I am so happy with the recipe.  Also, Wimbledon has been on the TV all week as that is all that my Uncle and Nana have been watching… other than the World Cup, of course!  This recipe makes approximately 500ml.

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Apple Flavoured Water

Hello Adventurers!

This is a recipe that I have really looked forward to doing and have wanted to do for a looooooong old time!  I only tend to drink around six different drinks regularly: hot chocolate, apple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, capri-suns and finally water.  I try to drink around two litres of water a day, emphasis on the ‘try’!  However, I find, as I imagine most people do when drinking water, is that it has no flavour and, therefore, for me is more of a chore and I am only doing it to keep me healthy and my skin clear.   Continue reading “Apple Flavoured Water”

Aero Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Hello Adventurers!

As you guys know, one of my all time FAVOURITE drinks is hot chocolate.  I have tried all different kinds of hot chocolate powders for example, Cadbury, Galaxy and Magic Stars and I thought, why not create my own using my own recipe and the actual chocolates themselves.  So, here is a simple recipe for a single serving of Aero Peppermint Hot Chocolate, lets-a-go! 

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Ginger Beer

Hello Adventurers!

As you saw a couple of weeks ago, I discussed how I deal with sickness/nausea, link here. I created this recipe because I personally need it regularly, I cannot wait to try it out when I do feel sick to see if it helps the same or better than normal ginger beer/ale. Continue reading “Ginger Beer”