Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Tray Cake

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I love Victoria sponge cake (link here for my recipe).  It is a beautifully simple and easy to make cake… perfect for any occasion and skill of the baker giving it a go.  I particularly love this recipe because it combines two of my favourites, not only it being a Victoria sponge, but two, being a tray cake!  This serves so many people with both big and small slices.  After all that waffling, let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Tray Cake”

Gluten Free Simple Vanilla Loaf

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am making one of my favourite cakes, but the vanilla version.  I love loaf cakes as, I guess as the name suggests, they are like a loaf of bread, meaning that the cake can be shared out between a lot people and, if you want to eat you can just say that it is a slice of bread, hehehe.

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Gluten Free Simple Orange Cake

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Oranges, well satsumas, are one of my favourite fruits.  I only say that I prefer satsumas because they are easier to eat… anyway, I am creating an orange cake and, honestly, I find it delicious.  Lets-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Simple Orange Cake”

Gluten Free Piñata Plain White Cupcakes

Hello Adventurers!

I have wanted to do these for a really long time, and now I am finally achieving that goal!  I am also making my first ever gluten free ‘white cake’ cupcakes in this recipe, I hope you enjoy.  Lets-a-go!

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Gluten Free and Yeast Free Milk Chocolate Chip Ring Doughnuts

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I love chocolate chips and I love doughnuts, so how I didn’t combine these two things earlier baffles me! Let’s-a-go!

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Gluten Free White Cake with Funfetti Buttercream Icing

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I am not going to lie to you, I originally wanted to make a gluten free funfetti cake with a vanilla buttercream icing, but when I practised this recipe, the sprinkles I used in the cakes just did not show in the cooked cake.  Also, the only way to fix this was to order sprinkles from Amazon, which I didn’t know would work anyway, so instead I make a gluten free plain white cake with funfetti buttercream icing.  Let’s-a-go!

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Hello Adventurers!

I love cinnamon and, other than chocolate, it is usually the second flavour I try out on every recipe I crack.  These cookies are amazing and take practically no time at all to make.  Lets-a-go!

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Gluten Free Tanya Burr Chocolate and Cinnamon Cookies

Hello Adventurers!

These cookies are one of the best things that I have come across in my ‘In The Kitchen’.  They taste amazing and take little to no time to cook.  I have to admit that, still, when I think of this flavour combination, I question if it will work or not… but it sooo does!  These cookies are chocolately and warm at the same time and I am really happy that I could add to an old classic.  Lets-a-go!

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Gluten Free Plain American Pancake Tray Cake

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Now I can probably guess what you are thinking right now, she has already got a recipe for ‘Gluten Free Plain American Pancakes’, link here, why is she now turning it into a tray cake?  Well to start with, I wasn’t even sure that this recipe was going to work in an oven in the first place.  So, I thought, why not give it a go?  It turns out, that baking these in the oven is a super quick way of doing it!  I also think that this would be good for busy Mums or busy mornings.  They taste amazing and I cannot wait to do this again with flavouring!

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