Plain Lemonade

Hello Adventurers!

I LOVE LEMONADE!  It is one of my favourite drinks and I particularly love that I have found a recipe that doesn’t add loads of sugar, sweeteners or fizz.  Particularly the fizz as I have found that fizzy drinks upset my chest so this is a huge bonus.  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Plain Lemonade”

Gluten Free Luxury Mince Pies

Hello Adventurers!

Since I had made this beautiful pastry last week, I had to come up with something to make with it.  The perfect solution for that was mince pies as I am totally in the Christmas mood and have been listening to Christmas music since 1st November!  I love mince pies and I am so glad that I now have my own recipe and don’t need to buy a gluten free shop bought version any more!  This is a recipe makes around six mince pies.  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Luxury Mince Pies”

Gluten Free Plain Granola

Hello Adventurers!

This is something that I fell in love with a long time ago when I was shopping in the gluten free aisle and wanted to give it a taste try – it was amazing!  Since then I have been obsessed and wanted to make my own for a long time, and pinned a few recipes on it.  Now I have finally given it a go!  This recipe makes around 100g of this Gluten Free Plain Granola, let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Plain Granola”

Gluten Free Luxury Sweet Shortcrust Pastry

Hello Adventurers!

This is a recipe that I thought of while watching a video on the ‘Sorted Food’ YouTube channel, link here (ultimate pizza battle).  By the way if you haven’t checked these guys out and love all things food, they are the channel for you, as they have said a thousand times and it is totally true.  I listened to what Mike was doing with his pizza dough ie adding milk to enrich it, so I wanted to try the same thing with pastry, plus, I will try this with pizza in the future.  This recipe makes around 375g of pastry.  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Luxury Sweet Shortcrust Pastry”

PB and J Milkshake

Hello Adventurers!

I have been really enjoying making milkshakes, especially Tuesday’s, link here, and I wanted to make this one as I really wanted to see how the flavour combination worked.  I have seen this mentioned as ‘PB and J’ and that’s what I wanted it to taste like.  Surprisingly, the peanut butter completely overtook the strawberry jam flavour, so I made amendments from that and got it perfect, only taking two tries to get it right YAY!  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “PB and J Milkshake”

Gluten Free and Yeast Free Spider Web Doughnuts

Hello Adventurers and Happy Halloween!

Now, I am not going to lie to you guys’s, I did try and make a Halloween gingerbread house for this year’s Halloween blog post.  Everything went great for it, the dough was great, the cooking time was great, but then when I tried to put it together… it all fell apart, so I had to quickly come up with something else to do. Continue reading “Gluten Free and Yeast Free Spider Web Doughnuts”

Gluten Free Oven Baked Salmon Fishcakes

Hello Adventurers!

Fishcakes are one of my favourite foods, however to master this recipe I had to get a bread recipe down so that I could use the breadcrumbs.  After I had completed that, which I am pleased to say that I have, I could master this recipe.  I also managed to edit the recipe so that I could cook them in the oven as well which I much prefer to frying them.  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Oven Baked Salmon Fishcakes”

Gluten Free Simple White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Hello Adventurers!

White chocolate is one of my Mum’s and my favourite things.  I have also only worked white chocolate into one recipe before, and that wasn’t even a baking recipe!  So, I thought I would add it to a simple recipe to get my feelers working with it.  Also, I had been struggling for a long time to try and stop the chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom of what I was baking.  I was going through the Instagram stories of people I follow, and eventually came across Topless Baker, link here, and he was talking about working with chocolate chips and how, if you coat the chocolate chips with flour, they will not sink to the bottom.  I can confirm that this worked and I am forever grateful for him giving me that useful tip.  Lets-a-go! Continue reading “Gluten Free Simple White Chocolate Chip Cupcakes”

Raspberry Smoothie

Hello Adventurers!

This is a nice quick and simple smoothie that can work with either water or milk.  I think that milk is good for children as it provides them with calcium and gets them one of their five-a-day without them even knowing.  I also think that making this smoothie with water is healthy for adults, whilst also give them their five-a-day.  This recipe makes around 400ml of this lovely smoothie.  Let’s-a-go! Continue reading “Raspberry Smoothie”