About Me

Hello Adventures and welcome to my blog, Vickiie’s Adventure.

I am starting this blog (nearly wrote bog then!) at the age of 19.

Firstly, I appreciate you entering my world!  Whether you have come here with a purpose or you have just stumbled onto this site you are very welcome – you have no idea how much it means to me!

This blog is my online diary, with notes and thoughts about loads of ups and hopefully not too many downs of my personal life and my professional career, with some fun baking and crafting when I have somehow created time!

The purpose of this blog is to bring me some piece of mind, allowing me to get thoughts out of my head, keep a diary of my life and, hopefully, if anyone reading these posts is going through the troubles, frustrations and difficulties I am at the moment, to know that they are not alone and we can move forward together.

I love baking and all things in the kitchen!  I have to follow a gluten, wheat and yeast free diet so will be documenting recipes for anyone else in the same situation.  I love spending time with my Mum, my dog Magic (who has her own blog on this site!), watching films (both on my own and with my father), especially Disney ones, sunshine and, oppositely, Christmas.  I also, have major passions for singing and business.  I’m not so keen on makeup and fashion but do like to look nice, if of the more natural type.

Join me on my journey as I seek to make my, and hopefully others, life better.

A post will be put on every Friday at 4.00 pm, so don’t be late!!!

Not sure where to start, but let’s go adventuring!