My Style (take it or leave it…) – 03-06-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I got up about at about 8 am. Mum had already gone to do some work on my Uncle’s house – which has sold again – but as the first buyers messed us around she wants to go ahead and finish what we can to make it look better anyway. The house had been rented out for ten years and needs some maintenance work but when started doing this we were told to stop so it had the beginnings but not endings of various maintenance projects and we want to finish these.

She had arranged to meet me and Dad at 10.30 for breakfast but my Dad was to pick me up to give her time to do some plastering. Over breakfast she casually ‘suggested’ my Dad get some more plaster for her as the boxes we had bought on Friday were only two thirds full and she’d not managed to complete the job! So Dad and I went to get some plaster – and stain block that she needed but had also forgotten Friday night.

My Cousin has been working over my Uncle’s all week, having been roped in to help and she came to join us for a quick bite. Dad and I left them to it while we did the shopping as my cousin had arrived as we’d finished. Mum and my cousin stayed at the café, then went to get coffees from Costa and we all got to my Uncle’s at roughly the same time. We said goodbye to Dad and settled down to work. Mum and my cousin decorated for Britain while I did more work on my personal bullet journal as I’m due to film it shortly and must finish it.

At 3.30 pm Mum called a halt as I had been expecting to do some filming but we simply ran out of time as, when we got home, we found my Nana and Uncle quite irate at how long we were out!

They had called my eldest Uncle who had told them that my Uncle’s house sale had fallen through, something Mum and I had wanted to protect my younger Uncle from knowing.  I also think that my eldest Uncle was angry that we’d been working there and this had made my younger Uncle very agitated. By the time we’d cooled things down it was almost time to go to dinner with my younger Uncle and Nana.

I had chicken wings and coleslaw for dinner as it is so difficult to find something when I’m out but it was delicious so all was good. I also found out that I could have their sweet chilli sauce which was great and also delicious!

When we got back we measured out ingredients for filming on Sunday to try and catch up.  Then chilled and went to bed.

Mum had to go back on Sunday morning to paint the wall she’d plastered but she was going to then come back and stay with my Uncle as he was having a new mattress delivered and I was, of course, going to breakfast with my Dad.

So on Sunday I got up early and minded my Uncle’s mobile ready for the delivery men to call with a time and it was actually all safely delivered by 8.40 am so that was a good result.

In the end Dad and I picked Mum up to go to breakfast (taking a change of clothes and deodorant for Mum).  After breakfast it was the usual weekly shop at ASDA then we went to get Mum’s car from my Uncle’s, load it up with stuff for the dump – as Mum was going there to get rid of the old mattress – and back to film.

The filming went totally wrong, which led to a brainstorm meeting on what had happened to cause this and we decided it was because I have to use gluten free flour and lactose free ingredients although I’ve done other cookbook recipes that have worked perfectly.  I got really upset and frustrated so I’ve decided to take a break from the stress.

Really I need to test bake everything which I can’t really afford to do, I don’t like the food wastage, and I also don’t want to become the size of a house eating all of it so that it doesn’t get wasted.  It is this challenge that I have to overcome somehow.

I’ve decided that, over the next few weeks I’m going to devote my ‘baking time’ to practicing cake decorating – something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I’m also going to look at food I’ve had to give up eating and develop recipes for others in my shoes so we can all eat them again.

Watch this space.

I filmed a vlog detailing this state of affairs which will go up instead of the baking this week and I’ve written a list of jobs to do this week to start on this route.  Then it was time for dinner, my Nana’s lovely roast, and chill time before bed.

And yet another weekend was over.

This weekend I wore some blue jogging bottoms from ASDA (as I spent the majority of my time in comfy clothes at home and a my Uncle’s), a white long sleeved top Next, with a light blue over top from ASDA, a blue scarf with white stars and, of course, my black pixie boots.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below! 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time… 

What I Wore:

Blue Jogging Bottoms:,default,pd.html?cgid=D2M1G10C12

White Long Sleeved Top:

Blue Over Top from ASDA:,default,pd.html?cgid=D1M1G20C2

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