My Style (take it or leave it…) – 27-05-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend started with my Mum and I both having caught the family cold. It was my nephew’s birthday and his birthday party on Sunday so I didn’t go to my Dad’s on Saturday but we did meet for breakfast as usual, then went to ASDA for the weekly shop.

As I’ve been so laid up with my chest being inflamed for the past two weeks, I’m finding some of my trousers uncomfortable so we went to look at looser ones that don’t cling or that I can loosen when it hurts so much. I managed to find three pairs that I’ll use now then store ready for the next bout.

It is becoming more and more difficult to find food I can eat without having a reaction but, of course, that’s what my blog is all about- finding things to bake that people who have the same problems as me can eat. I really must move into cooking and savoury food now!

Dad bought a lovely outfit for my nephew and actually remembered to get a card – though nearly buying the same one I’d got for him! He gave the outfit to me to wrap – sensibly.

Shopping done we went and picked Mum up from the coffee shop, as she felt so awful I sent her to sit down while I did the food shop with Dad. Mum has given me this option plenty of times so I think that it was only fair to tell her to order her to do that, and then we said goodbye to Dad.
We got home and got ready for me to film my monthly favourites. It always takes a lot longer to set up to film than I think, especially as we’ve marked out where the camera should sit and my seating area. But I can’t control people mowing their lawn or stop the trains passing! Anyway, area ready and final decisions made I filmed away and was really pleased with it.

Then I sat and worked on my personal bullet journal which I want to film shortly. I worked on the Paperchase ribbons and tapes to separate the different categories and, though it took some time to do, I am, again, really pleased with the results. Next stage is to write in some category headings and, because I’m not the most artistic person, I need to brainstorm how I want these to look. By this time it was time to go to dinner with my Uncle and Nana- my Uncle has Huntington’s Disease and it makes him very focused and strict timetabled meaning dinner on Saturdays is always at five.

I could only find chicken wings to eat on the restaurant’s new menu so ate them on their own as I still don’t feel great. Then it was back home for some YouTube before bed.
Sunday was the usual start with breakfast with Dad. Mum had to go and pick up the post from my Uncle’s house and read the meters for the utility company so we went there while Dad went to get petrol and wait for us at ASDA.

As we’d left the house that morning my Uncle asked us to pick him up some new slippers from ASDA and I needed to get something for dinner at my Dad’s later on after the party and some flavoured water to take to the party so it all tied in even though we didn’t actually want to go back there again.

When we drove up to my Uncle’s house we were both really upset to see that the sold sign had been replaced with a for sale sign! We thought the sale was going through and it was a shock to find out there was obviously some sort of problem. Mum texted my other Uncle who replied saying the buyers had not progressed the sale so it was put back on the market in case. It may well mean that Mum and I have to go back to square one and decorate the house at a time when our time is stretched so much already!

We made a call to arrange to pop in and see my cousin on Monday to try and enlist some help as my cousin is VERY artistic and capable. Then it had to be focus on today before worrying about tomorrow’s problem.

So another trip round ASDA and Dad and I set off for his and the party, while Mum went home to see if my Uncle liked the slippers- she texted later to say he did (which was a relief). The party was from 2pm – 4pm and we were a bit late, not arriving until about 2.45pm – 3pm but as it was really a children’s party we got away with it.

I was apprehensive as I don’t know anyone socially, just from gatherings like that, but we did the rounds and I’d taken some gluten free sausages to be bar-b-cued for me so that my sister didn’t have to cater for me so all was okay.

We got back to Dad’s at about 5 and had dinner, then watched tv to chill out.
And yet another weekend was over.

This weekend I wore my black dungarees, a white vest top and a blue and white over-shirt my Dad found for me at ASDA and, of course, my black pixie boots.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below! 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time… 

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