My Style (take it or leave it…) – 20-05-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend started with the results of a visit from my beautiful Goddaughter during the week who jumped on my chest, followed by my Mum tripping over our puppy and falling on my chest. So I went into the weekend not being able to walk!

I had a shower first thing on Saturday as I hadn’t been able to have one since being jumped on and I couldn’t face going to meet my Dad without having one. Then mum dropped me off at the café door while she parked the car.

Dad was already there and, frankly, grumpy so we had breakfast then sent him off to ASDA as his car ticket was running out anyway and Mum and I sat and worked out my next filming schedule – which wouldn’t be until next weekend, but did include some test baking to be done this week.  Then we went off to ASDA to meet Dad and get the ingredients I needed.

I had uploaded one video at the café but wanted to see how long it would take to upload using ASDA’s Wi-Fi (I need to go somewhere, anywhere to upload until my Nana’s Wi-Fi  gets better), but in the end we didn’t take the laptop in as I decided to do the shopping instead of leaving Mum to do it while I sat in the café.  After the shop we had coffee then went across the way to look at a cupboard to replace the table where I work as everything keeps falling off it because it’s slanted and totally unstable.  We didn’t buy one as we weren’t sure of the size but after measuring Saturday, we knew that more than likely we would buy one on Sunday.

We said goodbye to Dad then went home, where I was ordered to rest while we thought about what to put in my newly painted cupboard in the studio, link here if you want to see the transformation video, and blog post.

Then I watched some episodes of Arrow before Mum, Nana and my Uncle went out to dinner. I put my feet up and watched the best moments from Game of Thrones – something not appropriate to watch with my Mum and Nana!  Nana went straight off to a quiz night from the dinner and Mum brought me back a takeaway- yum yum.  Then I was feeling so sore I went upstairs to lie down.

I popped down later and found Mum watching the Eurovision Song Contest because my Uncle asked her to watch it with him. I should have waited to pop down as I got roped in to watching it with them!

Sunday was the usual start with breakfast with Dad. We caught up with the news and, fed and watered, we were ready for the next part of the day.  Having got the measurements ready, we set off to get a cupboard – especially important as so many things fell as we were measuring up and Mum lost her temper. Not a pretty sight.

Nana was going to her acting rehearsals all afternoon so we had to pick up some supplies for dinner which proved to be a selection of potatoes, rice and salad.

We went and chose a cupboard that this time we knew would fit, then I spent fifteen minutes talking to a lady about how slow I was walking and who tried to convince me that I must have broken a rib, hence not being able to walk …

Then I said goodbye to Dad and we went to get food for dinner. One coffee – Mum’s idea – and one dvd – my idea – later and a bit of food shopping and we were on our way home.  

Me, my Uncle and Mum built the cupboard which led to changing the extension lead I use, then sorting out my ‘work area’ and it was finally done. It looks great and I’ll iron out any issues over the next few days for what sits where.  Then Mum went off to do some chores around the house for Nana, having ordered me to bed to stretch out and rest.

I didn’t get called to make dinner but Nana came back early from rehearsals and Mum thought she’d best get on with it. I did help at the end and we had dinner then I went up to bed to finish watching the DVD I’d bought.

And another weekend was over.

This weekend I wore my blue jeans from Next, a long black top from Sainsbury’s, with a white overtop from Next and my black pixie boots from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below! 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time… 

What I Wore:

Blue Jeans:

Black Long Sleeved Top:

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