Cupboard Transformation

Hello Adventurers!

Today I’m showing you how I changed this to this.  Also, don’t forget to check out my video below!

You may remember that I was clearing out my Uncle’s loft recently and one of the things to go was a cupboard that he didn’t want any more so I asked if I could have it as we sadly lack cupboards in the studio and I thought I could use it to store some of my equipment.

He happily said I could have it, but it really needed a makeover so I bribed my Mum with a latte (works every time) and she drove me to Homebase to look around. I saw a cupboard painted in different blues and it was exactly what I wanted so we spoke to a lovely assistant who showed us a selection of paints and we took a while longer but finally chose what I knew would work and got some paintbrushes as well.

The paint for the drawers were only testers but I thought there would be enough for what I needed and we really don’t have anywhere to store leftover paint so I took a chance.

Next step was to paint the base colour, white, on the back, sides and round the front. It was clear pretty quickly that it would need two coats and all the painting all had to be done in between rainfalls which made it tricky, but not impossible. A few snatched hours later and the base was ready.

Then came the drawers which, again took two coats each but there was enough paint (thank goodness as otherwise it would have cost me another latte-robe). Actually the tester pots had a surprise in that they had brushes moulder into their lids which made them even better value.

The next part was the drawer knobs. I wanted to paint them each in the previous drawer’s colour. So, first step was deciding which way the colour sequence was to go (which took some brain power I can tell you because two of the knobs had taken the screws out of the drawers with them whereas the other two didn’t and there was the cupboard door to take into account too).

Once the door was painted, and the knobs, it was time to put it all together, which was when I realised the door knob and one of the drawer knobs weren’t right and had to be repainted!

That done, everything was put together.

Then a quick trip to Homebase to buy varnish for the knobs to protect them and a quick look at wallpaper to line the drawers with. I chose a beautiful unicorn wallpaper and I also got a spritzer for Seymour, my plant who is going to live on top of the cupboard, and we drove home only to realise we had forgotten the varnish!

Anyway the varnish will have to wait until the weekend but the wallpaper looks great in the drawers.

We carried it into the studio where it sits proudly, Seymour on top and lined drawers ready to be filled.

I’m so proud of the way the cupboard turned out that I can’t wait to do something similar.

Let me know of anything else you would like to see me do and please share this post with your friends and family if you think that they will enjoy it! 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time… 


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