My Style (take it or leave it…) – 13-05-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was not the usual one – again.  In fact I’m wondering if there is a ‘usual’ anymore.

I woke up while Mum was off walking the dogs and went to my studio to get dressed.  Mum came back and was sitting in the garden having a sneaky cup of coffee before we went to meet my Dad for breakfast and she said she had a bit of a problem and would need to talk to a pharmacist.  I went to see what the problem was and she had a black eye that had come out of nowhere overnight.

She didn’t remember banging her eye or anything hitting her but it was a right shiner.  I could see she was concerned so we set off as soon as we could and went straight to the pharmacist.  The result was that we were sent to a local(ish) walk-in centre.  All the ones round us have closed but it turns out that there’s one very near where Mum works so we had breakfast then Dad offered to drive her so we dropped her car back at Nana’s then went to get her checked.  Mum went straight to the walk-in centre while Dad and I got supplies for me to cook dinner later then went to find Mum.

We had to wait a while but she saw a doctor who took her blood pressure and tested her vision getting the all clear thankfully.

Dad took Mum home then we went back to his for the rest of the day. We had the usual tv marathon, watching some Graham Norton episodes I’d missed and ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’, then I cooked dinner, gluten free burgers and mash and gravy – yum! It went well until I put a tea towel on one of the induction hobs that I had finished using and nearly burnt the flat down, OOPS!

​We then watched one more film, ‘Wildcard’ before I called it a night.

We met Mum for Sunday breakfast then we planned to do the weekly shop and back to film two videos – a film review of Venom and a video of my Uncle’s cupboard which I’ve been painting – the drawers in different colours! It’s coming along really well and I hoped to finish it on Sunday.

ASDA was pretty quick, for us, then Dad went off and Mum and I sat down for a coffee. The coffee this week was really strong so it was just as well it was decaf or I may well have killed some people!  While chatting Mum suggested that we get some clear varnish to protect the cupboard knobs and I said wanted to line the drawers somehow so we decided to go and look at wallpaper which I could cut down to fit.

A quick trip around Homebase resulted in us finding some lovely unicorn wallpaper and I also bought a plant water spritzer but, would you believe, forgot the varnish …, silly me!  We didn’t remember until we got home so it was too late to turn back and I’ll have to do the varnishing later.

But I got the rest of the painting done, filmed two videos, the film review and my health review for the month which was about having an ambulance sent by 111 after having a severe reaction to some over-the-counter medicine.  I then took the dogs out with Mum and started making dinner as my Nana had gone to see her sister… the cheek of it hay(!)

Dinner cooking away I then went over my uploading schedule for the year and moved things around as, instead of filming the bullet journal today, I am leaving it until next month so I have time to go over it and get it exactly how I want it and also do the same for my business bullet journal as well.  After shifting things around I quickly checked dinner before starting my next job, which was to finalise my personal bullet journal.

This was stressful for me as, watching videos online showed loads of artistic ways of designing the bullet journal.  However, I am not artistic so I had to step back and think of another way I can do it.  That is one of the jobs that I am going to spend a long time on this week.

Dinner was ready quicker than I expected so me, my Mum and my Uncle got it on the table and promptly ate it!  My Nana got home from her sister’s about five minutes after we had finished eating so me and Mum took the dogs out for yet another, all be it short, walk while she decided what to snack on.

Once back from the dog walk, my cupboard had finished drying so I showed it on camera, Mum moved it inside for me and then I finished filming it in situ, including showing the wallpapered drawers. So I managed to record yet another video… fantastic!

Later Mum and I watched a new film on our own with our two puppies, before an early night.

This weekend I wore a white vest top from ASDA, a white long sleeved top from Sainsbury’s with my blue jeans from Next, tri-coloured scarf, again from Next, and my usual pixie boots from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below! 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time… 

This weekend I wore a white vest top from ASDA, a white long sleeved top from Sainsbury’s with my blue jeans from Next, tri-coloured scarf, again from Next, and my usual pixie boots from Primark.

What I Wore:

White Vest Top:,default,pd.html?cgid=D1M1G20C2&placement_id=GRGPPH&strategy=PWVAV&config_id=GRGPPH&

Long-Sleeved White Top:

Blue Jeans:

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