My Style (take it or leave it…) – 29-04-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I had my Nana’s birthday party to go to on Saturday night so I didn’t go to my Dad’s. As he is going away next weekend I wanted to spend some time with him so we said we’d meet him for a late lunch rather than breakfast.  This allowed me to have a bit of a rare lie in.  So, I got up a bit later, had breakfast with Mum, then did some filming after walking the dogs. The filming took a while to set up – not helped by Magic snoring through the whole of the video, hahaha.

I have a lot of work to do because my website has just been fixed after not working for about a month and now I have to catch up with the missing blogs that link to my Easter videos that I did recently.

After filming we had some chores to do so set off for a quick coffee meeting, then off to my Uncle’s to do a dump run and pick up the stuff for the charity shop before meeting Dad.  Unfortunately a series of unfortunate events conspired against us (traffic!) and we sat there as time whittled away and we had to abandon the dump run and coffee (where we were planning on having it anyway).  However, we still had to get birthday cards for my Nana – not something we usually leave until the last minute and certainly won’t do again!

So, new plan, we decided to stop for the cards at one of our favourite garden centres where we would be able to park, though I suspected Mum would demand coffee.  Then Mum (almost) cursed – she’d remembered that Dad had called to ask us to pick up some beer for him and we’d ended up not going past the only shop we knew sold it because we hadn’t gone to my Uncle’s. She was not happy as she was actually trying to conserve petrol.  So, we spun round and drove back, losing another twenty minutes!

Beer bought we set off (again) for the garden centre. I was right she demanded coffee but as she was highly stressed by this point I didn’t have the heart to say no – not that I would anyway.

Coffee bought and drunk we set off (for the third time) for my Dad’s. Unfortunately he had mis-read the text and hadn’t realised we were going to pick him up and he’d just got out of the shower and was stark-naked.  We decided to wait in the car for him!  A LONG five minutes later he wandered down and we went for lunch.

After we went back to his for me to have a shower and change, and of course the obligatory cup of tea for Mum, then we set off for the party having received a call from my Cousin asking us to pick up a bottle of wine and drinks for my God-children. This was no problem as Mum had to get a tenner of petrol after all the extra driving so we could get home after the party, do our running around jobs on Sunday and she could get to work on Monday.

The party was great fun and my Aunt had really thought about my dietary restrictions and done a great spread.  We played a new game, which I’ve put on my birthday list and Mum said later she’d not heard me laugh so much in a very long time – bring it on!

While dropping my Aunt and Cousin off, my aunt invited us to go to lunch with my Nana on Sunday as it was her actual birthday day.  We didn’t get home until about 11.30 pm so it was spend some time with the dogs then bed.

Sunday was breakfast with Dad then catch up on the jobs we hadn’t completed on Saturday.  Off to ASDA (which was packed!) for supplies, then off to my Uncle’s.  Thankfully Dad offered to do the last dump run for Mum, so we loaded his car and put the charity stuff in Mum’s along with a cupboard I’m going to paint up as a project.  All loaded up we sent Dad on his way then went home.

Mum had bought me a film as a surprise. We’ve been conserving money for so long it really was a treat to ‘waste’ money on something non-essential.  So I watched that while Mum did a couple of her jobs then it was time for lunch.

Lunch was cosy – just six of us – and good fun – dissecting the party and general chit-chat and, of course, good food, then back home.  Unfortunately I felt poorly so I went upstairs for a lie down and, in fact, didn’t really get up again. I have no idea what caused the problem this time and am so very tired of feeling ill, so I do need to work it out but that’s an on-going problem.

If you think my whole weekend was about eating and restaurants then you would be quite right but we did finish at my Uncle’s so all good.

This weekend I wore my black dungarees from New Look, a grey vest top from ASDA, a long-sleeved top from Sainsbury’s and my ‘You Know Nothing Jon Snow’ t-shirt from Primark with my pixie boots from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below! 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time… 

What I Wore:

Black Dungarees:

Grey Vest Top:,default,pd.html?cgid=D1M1G20C2

Long-Sleeved White Top:’s%20-%20Tu%20Clothing&cmp=1585621659&adg=59859642655&kw=&mt=&dev=c&gclid=CjwKCAjwwZrmBRA7EiwA4iMzBPkMZ0L-P2KqIZSmoH1SPnfXw77hihu_OEeBrYktcn1XDJof75mn8BoCfFYQAvD_BwE

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