March Monthly Favourites 2019

Hello Adventurers!  

Today I am going through my monthly favourites for March to remind me of what’s been so good about the month. 

My favourite YouTube Video I uploaded on my channel was my Acia-sy Peasy Pizza – from the magazine Women’s Health (their May 2016 issue).  It had taken me a lot of time to find a gluten, lactose and yeast free pizza recipe that worked, but now I can make pizza’s like this one any time I like and share it with you guys.  I also liked it because although I actually class pizza making as a ‘cooking’ thing, as supposed to a baking recipe, it was also a way to find a healthy dessert so I could post it up on to my YouTube channel.

This month’s favourite blog post was actually my ‘February Favourites 2019’, because it reminded me of what was so good about the month and it was interesting to go back over it and remember.

My favourite outfit was my style that I wore on 11th March.  The outfit was mostly in my favourite blue colours, I wore my black cord dress and I just love my blanket scarf.

March’s favourite beauty product was the blue hair dye I had put on.  Unfortunately it has mostly washed out now, but it makes me feel good when I spend a bit of time on my appearance, giving me confidence.  I’m not one for a lot of make up but I do like my hair to look nice.

My favourite book was still ‘The Cruxifix Killer’ by Chris Carter and I actually finished it this month.  I had found it hard putting it down and the ending was a surprise, all coming together in the last twenty odd pages, good terms to use for a book.

The favourite bake was a new recipe, baking biscotti biscuits.  I test baked it and it worked first time, a rare occurrence!  After last month’s fail, this was a nice surprise.  That recipe also came from a cookbook that I have wanted to work from for a while, and I finally got the chance to.

March’s favourite song was, ‘You Will Be Found’ from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.  I found myself singing and humming it constantly and it gives me confidence as the words tell me there is someone out there who cares and loves each and every one of us.

My favourite buy was my Paperchase haul because I just knew they were going to have original ways for decorating my bullet journal.  The bullet journal will help with the productive side of my business and hopefully my personal life as well.  And finally, I hope, prove invaluable.

Favourite moment in March was when my dog Poppy saw herself in a full length mirror at my Uncle’s house which we were over decorating and she spent the next ten minutes running towards herself, barking furiously, then retreating very quickly behind me.  It still makes me laugh now, hahahaha!

As usual, I had favourite DVDs, these being Johnny English:  Strikes Again and the New Tricks Series One.  Johnny English made me laugh out loud (watch for my three minute review) and New Tricks is a favourite series of mine.  I also managed to persuade my sister to give me two bags of DVDs she was throwing out, so next month should be easy for me to pick one (or two, or three).

As usual, I am always looking for more natural ways to cure health problems and my favourite medicinal find in March were Gin-Gins.  You can buy them from health food shops and they are great for when you feel nauseous as anything with ginger in it helps and these are so small I can carry a few around with me, meaning I am always covered for unexpected attacks.  I also usually have to have one or two at most to get rid of the nausea, which is excellent!

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below, along with your favourites for March!  Also, check out my video and links to as many products as I can find below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…


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