Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) Review

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I haven’t done one of these in a while!  Seeing as that has been the case, I wanted to do one of these again, at least, once a month, also posting a video to go with it, which you can check out below!  They are going to be short and sweet and I hope that you enjoy it.


This film is the third in the series and, as I had seen both the earlier Johnny English films and they had made me laugh out loud, I bought the latest with high expectations.

When I settled down to watch it and the credits rolled, I did, however, wonder whether I expected it to be funny, or cringe-worthy.  But, with Rowan Atkinson and Ben Miller, I knew anything was possible. 

The story has the usual beginning with Johnny being brought in as a spy when every other spy in England was not available, leaving the whole of England relying on his disputed ‘expertise’ to save the day.  It also had the usual beautiful woman, Olga Kostiantinivna Kurylenko who had ‘never met anyone’ like Johnny, not surprisingly!

The film did not disappoint and did make me laugh out loud, though, even then, I was not expecting the usual climax to be as funny as it was!

Emma Thompson plays a brilliant prime minister and, of course, Ben Miller is the perfect side-kick.

I was even more impressed with the film when I watched the extras on the DVD and saw the difference between Rowan Atkinson as himself, inputting ideas to make the film’s visual jokes funnier and then seeing him change to become Johnny English.  The difference was remarkable, showing how good an actor he is.

It did make me feel very old, though, knowing that the first film in the series was made sixteen years ago, that would have made me SIX YEARS OLD!

In summary – a laugh-out-loud film which I will be adding to my pile of films to watch when I feel down.

And that is it, as promised, short and sweet!  I hope you enjoyed this quick film review.  

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