My Style (take it or leave it…) – 25-03-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend started with a message from my Dad to say he had an eye test on Saturday morning so we met for breakfast earlier then usual, then trotted off to the opticians.  Mum got me a ‘decaf, soya, vanilla latte’ from the coffee shop so I was happy to wait with him – forever!

Then my Dad did his weekly food shop and drove me home.  Mum had already set off home and was down the studio letting the dogs out into the alley for a wander around.  I had a quick shower and then got my first filming ready. I made chocolate brownies, Jamie Oliver’s recipe, but of course gluten, lactose and yeast free as always.  That will go up in a couple of weeks, once I’ve edited it.

My darling puppy Magic was sick between filming so I looked after her until she was sleeping. I found out later that she’d eaten some corned beef and that could have upset her so I think she’ll be fine now it’s out of her system.

Next I filmed my monthly favourites for March which I love doing as it reminds me of all the good things that happened during the month, including my favourite moment.  Lastly I filmed the first of a new series that I am starting on my YouTube channel (and writing the written version on my blog… or here in other words, hahaha) that I want to call ‘three minute film reviews’. 

I love watching films for their escapism value and thought a three minute review would work for viewers who have the same taste in films as me so they would have a heads-up on whether to buy it or not.  I just hope it’s useful and that people enjoy it, *fingers-crossed*.  So the film this month was ‘Jonny English Strikes Again’.  Loved the film and loved doing the review.

After all that work we cleared up then went for dinner at our local golf club – been going there for years but never yet played a round of golf!  Yes to mini golf but no to main golf.  Then it was back to chill after the last dog walk, and then bed after REALLY long day.

Sunday was an hour later start, meaning I had time to brainstorm some business suggestions with Mum before setting then off to meet my Dad for breakfast, followed by the usual obligatory ASDA shop, then home to film the last video for the weekend.

For my last video, I made some funfetti biscotti biscuits, from a cookbook that I have wanted to do a recipe out of for a super long time.  In the end it took simply ages to set up so I didn’t start filming until gone 2pm which was disappointing, as I wanted to spend some time with my Mum chilling rather then working like every other day of the week.

The biscotti biscuits I had test baked during the week and knew what changes to make so they worked with my flour.  They were easier because I had use of my Nana’s oven so I could use my bigger baking tray.  They worked like a dream so the test baking was worth the time.

Then I prepared dinner as my Nana was at acting because their show ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ starts on Wednesday and they had access to the theatre.  Then we took the dogs for a walk and chilled for the evening.  Again, going to bed after another REALLY long day.

This weekend I wore my blue jeans from Next, a white vest top from Primark, and my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from Primark with my pixie boots, again, from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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