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As I said in ‘My Goals 2019’ (blog post, link here, and video, link here), I want to start a bullet journal.  I have seen the idea behind it advertised on Pinterest (my account, link here), and thought that it looked like a really good idea for a place to store all of the information that I need to live by.  I also hope that this will keep me focussed and also provide me with some relaxation as well!  I wasn’t actually going to do a haul for this and just go ahead and create the bullet journal and show that to you guys, however, doing research on what I wanted to put in my bullet journal, I saw that people had used washi tape to style theirs.  I said to my Mum that I didn’t know where to go to get it but in the end we decided to go to Paperchase as they sell really nice stationery and other items that would properly bring my bullet journal to life!  I already have colourful pens and things so all I needed to buy was the washi tape.  So I went to Paperchase, and today I am going talk through the items that I bought with you and why. Don’t forget to check out my video below!


The first items that I bought were a consortium (HELLO, big word!) of cards and postcards that I am planning on cutting up and placing throughout my bullet journal.  There are quite a lot of them so I am not going to give you an explanation for all of them as that would take FOREVER!  The reasons that I bought them are mainly they made me laugh, put me in a good mood, remind me to be happy, or are motivational.

Then I saw some present toppers which I thought looked great, cute and would be good separators as well, or they could just decorate the cover of my journal, I haven’t decided yet!  I bought one that is a blue dinosaur, a unicorn one (two of my favourite things) and a rainbow one, all adorable.

The third item I picked up were some glue sticks for obvious reasons.

Turning round I spotted some ribbons.  I was just going to get plain coloured ones that were different shades of blue, however I saw one that was a pastley rainbow in colour with tiny little stars and unicorns on it (can you see a pattern emerging?), a ‘Peter Rabbit’ one and a three in one dinosaur ribbon set.  I bought the ‘Peter Rabbit’ one as it reminds me of my childhood and I still have the DVDs of his and the other Beatrix Potter characters and I also got the dinosaur ribbon set because one was a blue ribbon with different dinosaurs on it and I also loved the other two that came with the set.

The next thing to catch my eye were some GIGANTIC rainbow and unicorn themed paperclips.  I thought that again these were really cute and that I could use them for either, again, separating out sections of my bullet journal, or for their actual use of clipping paper that I have done work on to my bullet journal to write in there when I next had time.

There were then two small packs of push pins, one with tiny little baby ducks and another with tiny tortoises in them.  I honestly have no idea what I am going to use them for, but they were just tooo cute to pass up on!

The last item I bought was actually the only thing that I was meant to go in for and that was washi tape, or paper tapes as they have chosen to call it.  There wasn’t as much of a selection as there is online, but I found this set and I think that it is a very good place to start! 

Over time I think that I will definitely be adding to this, but for now, I think that this is a very good place to start, THANK YOU PAPERCHASE!

Let me know if you are thinking of creating a bullet journal in the comments below, and also what you would buy to make it more you!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…


Items I Bought:

I Made It With My Bum Card:

Have The Happiest Of Days Card:

Shine Bright Card:

Some Girls Are Born With Glitter In Their Veins Card:

You Got This Babe Card:

‘Peter Rabbit’ Card:

You Got This Postcard:

Kindness Is Power Postcard:

The Best Is Yet To Come Postcard:

Dinosaur Postcard:

Unicorn Postcard:

And So The Adventure Begins Postcard:

Stay Magical Unicorn Postcard:

Dreams Can Come True Postcard:

She Believed She Could, So She Did Postcard:

Scotch Pack Of 2 Glue Sticks:

Rainbow Unicorn Ribbon:

‘Peter Rabbit’ Ribbon:

Dino Ribbons – Set Of 3:

Large Unicorn Paperclips – Set Of 3:

Duck Push Pins:

Turtle Push Pins:

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