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Today I’m showing you my coats and jackets.  It was fairly surprising to me that I have four of them – much like my hoodies blog post, link here, and video link here – all different in colours and styles!  Most of them are also great for all kinds of weather as well which is excellent!  I have different reasons and purposes for each which is what I will go through with you now.  Don’t forget to check out the video that goes with this blog post either below or link here.


My first coat/jacket that I am going to talk about I don’t think really counts as one… it’s my blue (my favourite colour) poncho.  Forgive me, but I just didn’t know what category to put it under, so it is going here!  This poncho is light in material and I can wear it in all seasons.  In the spring, but mainly the summer, I can wear just that and nothing else, and in the autumn and winter, I can wear it as an extra layer on top of my coats.  I like that it is shorter at the front than it is at the back and that the back overs my bottom.  I also like to wear this for both smart and causal wear.

And next, we have what I like to call my ‘fancy coat’ that I got from Wallis.  I call this my ‘fancy coat’ because I tend to only wear it when I go out to dinners or special occasions.  It is heavy and thick in material which means it is really good for both autumn and winter, but I can wear it in any season, and in the summer (when it is particularly hot) I can wear it just to get somewhere.  This coat makes me feel really good when I wear it as I think that it makes me look really nice and smart, making me feel really confident.  It doesn’t come with a belt or zipper to do it up, which means that I just wrap it around me if I get cold, which I really love as, to me, it makes me feel like I am getting a hug.  Seeing that I would wear this out to posher events, I would wear it with smarter or dressy up clothes i.e. dress and leggings, just a dress or a smart top and jeans.

Following on, we have my ski jacket which I bought from Decathlon.  As you will know by now, I am ALWAYS cold and one day, my parents and I were walking around my local shopping centre, and Dad said to pop into Decathlon and get a ski jacket to help with the cold.  So I did, and I bought a great jacket, so this was a really good idea from my Dad.  I like that it has a hood as this makes it good for dog walks and extra pockets which is good for anything!  Actually, when I filmed the video to go with this blog post, in the little time that I wore it to talk about it, I got really nice and toasty! 

Moving on, we have my really long blue jacket.  It is, again, in my favourite colour blue and really good for wearing on its own on a summer’s day (it isn’t quite warm enough for a winter’s day) or under my ski jacket (if I am really cold) or my next jacket, adding an extra layer of warmth.  This jacket is super long which is its most unique feature, adding extra protection around my legs, and the real reason I love this jacket.  It has a hood giving my hair protection and it also means that I can wear it whatever the weather. 

Finally, we have my bigger sized jacket from Primark, the men’s section, that I mostly use for walking my dogs.  I like this jacket because it is really thick, big and I can wear it whatever the weather.  It is fleece lined, including the hood, making it really warm which is super unique, the real reason I love it, just like jacket above.  This jacket has two ‘normal’ pockets with two more over that, which not only makes this jacket really cleverly designed, but super useful as, if you own a dog you would know, that you have to take around fifty million things with you on a dog walk! 

So, that is my coat and jacket collection.  I’ll put links below for any I can find still available to buy in case you want one too.

Let me know about any shops you think I should visit which sell my type of fashion!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…


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