Always Second Best!

Hi all,

So, this week Uncle Tone came for a walk with us. 

He’s not bad at walking us, but he likes to keep us on short leads and we like being on long ones!  But he came and it made a change.  We got near the bridge, then one of his cats (never can tell the twins apart!) started screaming at him.  He was sitting on a concrete pillar in the trees, behind a wire fence on the opposite side of the road, but clearly recognised Uncle Tone.

In a flash, we were forgotten.  Poppy’s lead was handed over to Nanny and off he went – talk about being second best!  We left him stroking the cat from the other side of the fence and went off to chase pigeons – a lot more rewarding as far as I’m concerned.  Mind you, thinking about it, the cat might have enjoyed the chase too!


See you soon…

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