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Today I am going to review my 2018 goals and take a look at new goals (if any) I have decided to try and achieve this year.  Last year, around the end of summer, I set out to apply the SMART method to see if that made a difference to achieving my goals link here for my video where I explain what the SMART method for goal achieving is, in case you are interested in trying it. 

Firstly, I should admit that the SMART method, although it sounds great, sadly didn’t work for me so I am going back to try and achieve my goals my way.

As usual I have split my goals into business and personal but there is a lot of overlap so I’ve tried to condense them to make it easier.


My first Business Goal (which immediately overlaps to personal too) is:

It’s My Life

I want to live my life my way, not the way others choose/tell/want me to.  It is difficult to stand up to those around me who don’t understand what I am trying to do, or me, enough.

Right now, I want blogging and vlogging to be my career because:

  • I enjoy doing it, I have fun doing it and it gives me a sense of peace and purpose.  I also just love the fun of creating content.
  • Also, I want to help out as many people as I can with my Gluten, Lactose and Yeast Free cooking/baking/drink making because when I realised I couldn’t eat any of these my diet was so limited and seemed to mean I couldn’t eat hardly any desserts or sweet foods at all, so this is my ‘give-back’ to the world.
  • I also enjoy the idea of trying to be able to do what other YouTubers do for me, take me out of my life for a couple of minutes to forget what is stressing or upsetting me.

For the future, I want to work at:

  • Getting this blog a lot of views, which it is now thank God!  I want to increase this so much and get the message out there that you can have cakes and desserts, like everyone else, without having a bad reaction each and every time.
  • I also want it to make money as I do not earn very much from my caring job so I need to join affiliates, which I have started, but need to expand on.  I have even had people come to me asking if I would like to work with them, which I think is great!
  • Lastly, I want to create a blog about how teenagers, or anyone, can make money and make their career path as early as possible.  I will get to this as I did it myself and believe it can help others.  When I was a teenager, my Mum was the main earner and I wanted, as early as possible, to try and help her, my Dad and, just in general, reduce monetary pressure on the house.  Of course, at thirteen there wasn’t a great deal I could do, so if by me doing the research and trying things out now, can help/inspire anyone in the same situation, then that would be a huge thing for me.

My second Business Goal is:


Right now I have fun making videos, however it is a surprise how much I am enjoying it seeing as a couple of years ago I hated even having my picture taken!  I have however been dealing with the following disadvantages:

  • I have not lived in my own house since I was 15, for reasons I am not strong enough to talk about yet.  Although, saying the negative first, I didn’t plan on doing anything to do with YouTube before being in my own house, so the fact that I have already been doing it for a year… I am super impressed with myself!
  • I also care for my Uncle and need to be available at any time day or night for six days a week, making it difficult to plan to film without interruptions.

My YouTube channel currently consists of:

  • Gluten, Lactose and Yeast Free cooking/baking/drink making videos, which is my main passion.  I recently bought a mini oven and hob which is great as before I was having to work around not being or feeling like I was in my Nana and Uncle’s way.
  • I do chatty videos about all sorts of things and I cannot wait to do loads more.
  • I have done a couple of hauls and, again, when I have the money and space to buy more things, I cannot wait to do more of these.
  • I recently uploaded my first ‘sort out’ video, link here, and I cannot wait to do more of that and organisation videos.
  • I’ve stopped making weekly vlogs because it was proving too difficult to get the privacy, and time I needed, except late at night at which time I was tired and believe this came across when I filmed, making them no fun for anyone to watch.
  • I am now trying to film 2/3 videos at the weekend to get ahead because I can ask my Mum to be with my Uncle, and to take more of the pressure off.

For the future, when I get my own house I will …

  • Employ editors, because even though I do enjoy editing, I find it very time consuming.
  • Employ a graphic designer, who, once she has finished her education obligations, I plan on asking my cousin to help me with this… she doesn’t know it yet, but I can only ask!
  • Employ an assistant, to keep on top of my emails and admin.  When all this is making as much money as I want it to, I plan on asking my Mum to do this, as she does this for a living and is excellent at it!
  • Employ a web designer.
  • Employ a director, because I struggle with messing up and a director, I think, would help make my videos flow better.
  • I would also employ more people to help overall, if I feel I need it.

For the future, I want to work at:

  • I am currently using Instagram as my only form of social media and I am posting on it six days a week, but I would like to be posting more interesting things as both pictures and Instagram storying.  I particularly want to start Instagram storying every day – but struggle to find things I think people will find interesting, especially as all I do is get up, work, and go to bed.  If you have any ideas let me know below!
  • A challenge I face in my baking is using ‘cups’ to measure out ingredients when trying American recipes so I need to solve this and start doing some of Rosanna Pansino’s recipes. I LOVE THAT GIRL!
  • I am trying to get ahead of filming and blogging so that when emergencies happen, or I am ill (two colds since December!) I don’t have to panic.  Ideally I would love to be about ten weeks ahead for both, which is why I am working my butt off!
  • I would also like to upload a couple more times a week but at the moment I simply don’t have the time.  Again, I would ideally like to have a video and blog post everyday, as this is what I would like from a channel, but that is FAAAR in the future.
  • Recently I printed off a document to help with growing my channel, so I am going to analyse the list and put that stuff into practice but if you have any pointers, let me know below!  Please!

My third Business Goal is:


I really want to write cookbooks for Gluten, Lactose and Yeast Free:

  • Cooking
  • Baking, and
  • Drink making

I also want to write informational books for people who want to earn money from home, either as a side income or as a full time income.

Currently I am experimenting with gluten, lactose and yeast free baking, cooking and drink recipes to build contents for my cookbooks and concentrating on building on all kinds of gluten, lactose and yeast free baking recipes.  At the moment, I’m not focusing so much on cooking and drinks, I’m waiting until I get more ahead of work.

For the information books, I am going to start trying out different things on both my blog and YouTube to see what does and doesn’t work, so that I can say that everything is tried and tested.

For the future, I plan to:

Move on to more specialised things, including:

  • Decorating cakes, as I am currently not very good at it and want to be able to make and decorate cakes like Rosanna Pansino, Cupcake Jemma and How To Cake It.
  • Experimenting with drinks.
  • Trying out different cooking recipes.
  • Healthy recipes to see if I can find diets that, for instance, reduce headaches, ease chest pain, etc and being heathier in general.
  • And I really want to try different things in the kitchen, i.e. vegan and sugar free.  As I think that both these and healthy recipes will be really interesting to do.

My General Future Business Goals include:

  • Adding different challenges to my blogging and vlogging.
  • Keeping on top of brainstorming and planning ahead meetings.  Also, working around my Uncle’s meetings as well.
  • I want to start a bullet journal and hope to do a video on this soon, to keep both my personal and work lives in check.
  • Get ahead of all of my work to take the pressure off when emergencies happen or when I am ill.
  • Want to try different YouTube trends and investigate popular videos.
  • But most importantly, have fun as, who doesn’t want more fun in their life!

And to move on to my Personal Goals, my first one is (and has been for some time).

Health – Get Fit and Toned Up

Right now I am:

  • Getting over my second cold in three months, not the greatest start to the year.
  • Suffering from constant chest pains which is hindering my losing weight and toning up goals, as it is hard to stop it from hurting.
  • Changing my diet to dinners based on vegetables and fruit, i.e. no carbs after lunchtime (I do have carbs for breakfast and lunch) and increasing my oily fish intake to twice a week.
  • Reducing my meal sizes, along with portion sizes.
  • Having porridge for breakfast as I’ve been told it lowers cholesterol (and, as both my  Mum and Dad suffer from this, I’m taking preventative action).
  • Walking the dogs an extra two times a day, before lunch and at 5 pm, also first thing and after Mum gets home from work which is a goal to get my dog and myself fitter(!)
  • Am trying different health and fitness things for blog and YouTube, plus weight loss.

In the future, I want to:

  • Plan around my caring duties, allowing me to increase the amount of work and fitness I do.
  • Read at night more, as I find that this helps me have a better night’s sleep.
  • Make sure my lights are out by 10 pm – I honestly think this should be earlier, but let’s start with that and hopefully lower it again later in the year.
  • Try out different health and fitness and weight loss things, to see if they work for me and to review for you guys.
  • Exercise more (when my chest permits).

My second Personal Goal is:


Truthfully, I am not ready to date yet, particularly as I don’t feel confident enough and I want to be earning money from vlogging/blogging before I start any relationship.

In the future I plan to:

  • Increase my affiliate marketing to bring in money.
  • Be fit, toned and healthy as soon as I’m able.

Maybe then I will feel ready to date – we’ll see…

My third Personal Goal is:


  • At the moment, I’m leaving the decision on whether to have my own or adopt up in air but I would be perfectly happy to do either (or both!)
  • BUT in terms of actually having children, that definitely has not changed as I love them.

General Personal Future Goals:

  • Plan to stop work by 8.30pm every day, as I am currently working till 9.00 – 9.30pm which isn’t good.
  • Sunday would like to stop work 4pm, so that I get some time off with my Mum.
  • I really want to care less about others’ thoughts of me as it can affect my inter-reaction with others.  I am constantly second guessing myself and others as to whether I have done or am doing something wrong… it is sooo annoying!
  • I want to increase my self-care (i.e. do things much more regularly) – hopefully doing a bullet journal will help with that – we’ll find out!
  • Plan to follow a timetable and follow it to the letter using the 80/20 rule.  I will do a vlog/blog about this shortly in case you are not aware of it.


  • So this is where I am today and I’ve set the challenges for the next few months
  • Will do an update blog and video in a few months so we can see how I’m getting on.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, as I have said a number of times, it makes me feel really good to plan my life so I know what I am working for.  Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…


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