My Style (take it or leave it…) – 11-02-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I woke up on Saturday with a very bad chest and the beginnings of a cold!  I could barely walk, but, as Mum finally has her car back, my Dad having bought a car during the week, she drove me to a dental hygienist appointment while my Dad drove down to meet us afterwards.

We arranged to meet at our local shopping centre for brunch and a look round because I had to buy some ramekins I needed for a video I was planning to film on Sunday.  After three shops we finally ordered some from Argos to pick up on Sunday, but then managed to find some in the cheapie shop at a quarter of the price – result!

I didn’t go back to Dad’s – Mum wanted to keep me near to look after me because she has to work all week and knows I spend that time looking after my Uncle and helping my Nana, so she looks after me when she can and does a great job!  Meanwhile Dad immediately made plans to go to the pub later than night!

We went home and Mum made me rest while she wrote out some stuff for my filming, but I got worse and worse and by the time it was time to go to dinner with my Uncle and Nana, I was pretty bad so Mum drove my Uncle and my Nana picked up one of my cousins while I stayed at home, dosed up to the nines, to rest.  Mum made me some rice so that I had something to eat but I couldn’t manage anything more.

My Nana went on to the quiz she’d been invited to that evening and Mum sent me more or less straight up to bed as soon as she and my Uncle came home.

I listened to some videos then went to sleep.

On Sunday Mum took one look at me and arranged to meet my Dad without me. They had to pick up my Dad’s things from my Uncle’s house so she had to go.

My Nana was ill as well so Mum drove her to Church (she heads the choir) to set things up, then brought her back before meeting my Dad.  Nana went back to bed so only my Uncle was really up!  Things were pretty quiet all day.

Mum and Dad went off breakfast, after going to my Uncle’s, on their own but Mum brought me back a cooked breakfast and a ‘decaf, soya, vanilla coffee’ from Costa so all was good.

I watched the film Venom for the second time over the weekend and another film that was so bad I stopped watching half way through and put it out to charity.  Won’t mention the name because it could be someone else’s favourite all-time film but …

Later we had dinner with Nana and my Uncle, my Nana insisted on cooking, but did say she felt better, then Mum continued making the jigsaw with Nana and I watched videos until bedtime.

This weekend I mainly wore my sprout pjs and my warmest jumper – which just happens to be a Halloween jumper.  I haven’t included a picture because I’m a bit squeamish about being photographed in my PJs!

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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