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Hello Adventurers!

Today I’m showing you my hoodies, which are brilliant for adding that extra layer of warmth.  For having such a small place to store everything in and on, I seem to have six to tell you about, all being different colours and different styles!  I wouldn’t have thought hoodies could be so varied but, as you will see, they are all very distinctive with their own ‘character’.


My first hoodie is more of a summer one.  It is in my favourite colour of blue (being blue all the way around with no other patterns or designs), with a light material and is a zip up.  I can wear this with anything, as practically all of my wardrobe consists of the colours blue, grey, white and black.  I also got this for my birthday and you can check out the blog post, link here and video, link here.  Finally, I think that it is pretty, stylish, and smart enough to wear down the pub! 

Next up we have a grey pull-on, fleece-lined hoodie with a giant pocket across the bottom of the front.  This is more of a boy’s type, mind you, it was my Dad’s so that’s just as well.  First he owned it, then my cousin ‘borrowed’ it and finally it came to me.  I love wearing this around the house and when I want to keep warm, especially in this temperamental weather we are having at the moment!  I believe it is the oldest thing in my whole wardrobe and I wouldn’t part with it. 

Following on, my next hoodie is a personalised, themed one.  My Mum had this made for me when I was, I believe, 16, as I was obsessed with Les Miserables!  It is black, with pink etching of the number ‘24601’, representing Jean Valjean’s prisoner number.  My Godmother took me and Mum to see the play for my birthday – which was brilliant.  The hoodie is warmer, with a fleece lining and is a pull on.  Finally, I think that it is fun, unique and just AMAZING!

And next, another in my favourite colour, ie blue.  It’s darker than my summer hoodie and pull on, with fleece lining and I love to wear it when I go to bed because it is super long and warm.  I see a theme occurring here!  The material is super thin, but because it is, I think, purely fleece-lined, it still surprises me to be so warm.  I actually got this, I think, when my parents and I were living in a hotel about five years ago! 

Moving on to yet another themed item: my ‘Star Wars’ hoodie.  This is black with a white design of a load of the ‘Star Wars’ spaceships having a battle.  The background is black with white spaceships.  It is a few sizes too big which I really like as it makes me feel all nice and cosy.  It also is fleece lined.  Originially it had string threaded through around the head, to pull it tighter when it is very cold, but I lost the string!  Luckily, I don’t mind as it was more of a nusience, than anything else.  I bought it from Primark and it is the most fun, original and fit for purpose hoodie I own, particularly as my Mum has been using it to get home in the cold recently as she doesn’t currently have her car (a whole other story, and one that I shall not go into today).

Finally, my last hoodie is one that my Dad bought me for Christmas.  You may remember it from my ‘What I Got For Christmas 2018’, blog post link here and video link here and ‘What I Wore On Christmas Day 2018’, blog post link here and video link here.  I can’t decide if it is grey with white splodges or white with grey splodges, but it is super warm and I haven’t taken it off practically since Christmas (it has been washed though, hahaha).  It is furry on the inside of the main body and the inside of the hood, which keeps my neck warm and the sleeves are padded which provides warmth there as well.  Again, it is a few sizes too big for me, which makes it able to wrap around me, which is great.  It is also well designed and fashionable.  Dad bought it from Primark for me from the men’s section and I want to buy another one as this one is slightly stained now so I would like one to wear out, and keep this one for home.  It is also one of my all time favourite items in my wardrobe.

So, that is my hoodie collection.  I’ll put links below for any I can find still available to buy in case you want one too.

Let me know about any shops you think I should visit which sell my type of fashion!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…


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