My Style (take it or leave it…) – 04-02-2019

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I had stayed over at my Dad’s on the Friday.  My Dad had got his car back, finally, on the Thursday and had given my Mum back her car but he got in his car to drive home from my Nana’s and it wouldn’t go!  Boy was he mad – the language was pretty rich I can tell you.

Mum came home from work later and when she saw him she just handed over her car keys. The car was towed back to the garage on Friday and Mum and I put a contingency plan in place in case it was still poorly, while hoping we wouldn’t need it.

Anyway the car cannot be fixed and he needs to buy a new one so the contingency plan was used and he came to dinner with Mum and me, my Nana and my Uncle, then I went back with my Dad.  We both had showers, watched ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and ‘Graham Norton’ before going to bed… except I watched ‘Graham Norton’ as my Dad fell asleep half way through!

So Saturday morning we picked Mum up and went to breakfast, catching up on the previous evening’s events.  We made plans to go to my Uncle’s to start decorating it on Sunday and did a couple of errands before going to ASDA to do the weekly shop.  We would normally do the weekly shop on Sunday, but seeing as we were going to be busy, we thought it better to do it on Saturday.  We picked up a couple of things for my Uncle’s like filler and paint scrapers then Mum demanded coffee before we went home.

My main job for Saturday was to film making ‘Zoella’s Apple Crumble Cupcakes’ so I spent the next hour preparing everything for that video.  Once ready I started filming, which took several hours.   I got the cupcakes and the crumble cooked but had to leave the icing as both the cakes and crumble would take time to cool completely before they could be iced and my Uncle prefers keeping to a strict timetable with 5 o’clock being his going out time for dinner on Saturdays.

So we went out to dinner with my Nana and Uncle.  Then we came back, walked the dogs and I made the decision to finish the filming rather than get up early on Sunday.

I quickly got the icing ingredients ready and filmed the rest of the video. Zoella has said these were the best cupcakes she’d ever made and I must say they look and taste amazing when made using gluten free flour and lactose free butter and milk. They will be going up both on here and my YouTube channel on Wednesday –  see where you can find them, on my blog link here, and my YouTube channel link here, on Wednesday.

Later we watched TV with my Nana and my Uncle.  I chilled scrolling through Instagram while Mum and Nana made some jigsaws, going to bed later than usual because Mum struggles to stop fitting ‘just one more piece’.

On Sunday, Dad picked us up for breakfast after we’d walked the dogs and then drove us to Argos to pick up a ‘luxury heated grey throw’ for my Nana to keep her warm. We have a bit of a problem because Nana needs to keep warm but my Uncle needs to be cold because his body temperature is much higher than ours and I’m hoping the throw will solve the issue.  Then Dad dropped us off at my Uncle’s.

My job was to fill various holes ready for painting while Mum scraped moss off the front wall and cleared the garden of blown in rubbish.

My job was to fill various holes ready for painting while Mum scraped moss off the front wall and cleared the garden of blown in rubbish.

We spent about two and a half hours working there, removing nails and pins and filling in holes so that when my other Uncle sends in painters this part of the job is done and hopefully things can be finished quicker.  The house must be sold by May and we’re concerned how quickly time is passing with nothing happening.  WE ARE ALREADY IN FEBURARY YOU KNOW!

We walked home and took the dogs over the field before going back to find my Dad’s passport, which he needs to renew, opening a dress I’ve bought to wear to a funeral on Friday to make sure it fits, sorting out our complete outfits and uploading my next video.  You will be as relieved as I am that the dress fits beautifully.

Later we had my Nana’s brilliant roast dinner, walked the dogs and while my Mum and Nana made jigsaws and my Uncle watched TV I tried to get a head start on editing my video for Wednesday.  I finished what I like to call ‘the first edit’ and then chilled before going to bed.

This weekend I wore my blue jeans from Next, my pixie boots from Primark, a long sleeved white top from Next, covered by a Mary Poppins sweatshirt from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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